Friday, April 22, 2011

Clever Boy, Jack!

The Libs, arrogant sods that they are, should have seen it coming.  He did all in his power to help Stephen Harper toss out Paul Martin.   Next time he did everything he could to help Stephen Harper bludgeon Stephane Dion.   Now, when the centre and centre-left so desperately need to hold Harper to a bare minority, he's at it again - dividing the centre and centre-left in a vain bid to carve out his own ascendancy.

I don't care how devout a Dipper you are, Jack Layton is a self-serving prick with all the conniving instincts that let Stephen Harper steamroller the PCs into capitulation.

As a Liberal, albeit a genuinely "Disaffected" member of the tribe, it has been fascinating watching the Libs bring themselves down.  Layton didn't do it, he's merely a crafty and, when it serves his interests, sleazy opportunist who, at every turn, has been content with helping Stephen Harper in order to advance himself.  Jack has been gaming Parliament since he opted to dump Martin and usher in Harper.  That's what pricks do, consistently, predictably.

Oh well the Libs can't complain.   The IgLibs thought they only had to fight Harper.  They didn't see the knife coming from behind.   Layton saw his spot and went for it and it's hard to fault him for putting Jack Layton ahead of Canada.  That's politics.

If only.  If only the Dippers had some coherent policy that would persuade the Canadian public to back them, but they don't.   The best they can do is harness the popular discontent with Harper and his feckless Opposition and play that for what it's worth.

The bottom line.   I don't care.  Not one of these offerings - Conservative, Liberal or NDP - has earned my support.   Not one is worth a shit to my country.  None of them is willing or perhaps even able to rise above political brinksmanship to address the real challenges facing Canada in this century.   A pox on all their houses.

Can somebody get me Louise Arbour's home phone number?


Anonymous said...

Never go full retard

The Mound of Sound said...

Is "up yours" too rude?

Robert McClelland said...

Why do you have such a big problem uniting under the NDP banner to stop Harper? Layton is clearly more skilled than Ignatieff or Dion or even Harper. The NDP policies are clearly agreeable to you judging by what you've written over the past few years. So what is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Layton is more skilled?

And that is when what remaining credibility was lost...

Jim said...

I agree with Robert, you seem to agree with NDP policies based on what you write about in your blog, heck the vote compass told you, you are a green. The NDP are closer to the greens then the libs. Maybe you are so disaffected as a lib because you really aren't?

So it's not ok for the NDP to fight for their party in the election because it will split the left? Why does the left have to be lib? What gives them the right?

Maybe I don't pay enough attention to politics, but what is it specifically you find so vile about the ndp?

The Mound of Sound said...

Look, we all know that Harper won't be defeated this time. The only question is whether he'll get a majority. Iggy, for all his failings, focused on Harper which is exactly what Canada needs. Layton took advantage of that and turned on Ignatieff, sparing Harper. This is the third election Layton has played weasel and each time he's been Harper's best friend. For those of us who think ensuring Harper doesn't get his cherished majority, that makes Layton a total prick.

Layton's tactics must remind Harper of the old Alliance v. PC days. He's gotta be loving it.

Dave said...

Here's the plan for the best Canada. Libs need to be the main party and the NDP the opposition. NDP are running a great bid, Libs are dropping the ball.

Stop complaining that the left is being split when the Liberals aren't a left party.

Pick a policy and stick with it. Stop Campaigning from the left and governing from the right and maybe people will trust your brand again.

If the Liberals can't run a campaign then maybe you Liberals can suck it up and stop being so entitled. Stategic vote NDP to stop Harper.

Jim said...

Canada needs a government for the people of Canada, for the environment, for health care, seniors, pensions, poverty reduction, etc... What you blog about, your vote compass results, Canada needs Greens or NDP. Layton has been gaining ground and I believe the last I read is out to win more seats then Iggy according to the latest polls. Layton said, this time it isn't enough we keep Harper from his majority, this time we need to replace him. I believe that, whether or not it will happen is another matter. Look, back to the point, with Layton supposedly ahead in the polls compared to Iggy, why is it Layton that is a total prick, why not the other way around? We could blame the Liberals, since they're apparently behind the NDP in the poll, they should give up to Layton, right? I think a lot of people are strategically voting NDP or Liberal, whoever has the best chance of beating the Con in their electoral district. I'm in a Conservative stronghold, my vote is irrelevant. What we need is electoral reform. You aren't happy with the Liberals platform or leadership, but damn the NDP because they are doing better then the Liberals?

LMA said...

Some of these comments make a lot of sense to me, MoS. Don't forget how the IgLibs sided with the Cons to send Bill C311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, back to committee, ultimately leading to its' defeat in the Senate.

Both the NDP and Libs are proposing cap and trade to reduce GHG emissions, but we need a strong NDP voice to stand up to big oil and Tar Sands expansion because Iggy dreams the dream of Canada as a "polite" petro state as Nikiforuk puts it in his latest column.

I think the real reason Iggy didn't attack Layton was because he underestimated him as a threat, not because the Libs decided to take the political highroad.

Let's just concentrate on reducing Conservative seats wherever we can, and if the NDP can accomplish what the Libs cannot, good for them and thanks to Layton.

Jim said...

Well put LMA

LeDaro said...

Mound, on this one I agree with Jim and LMA. Libs’ failure cannot be blamed on Layton. Layton is campaigning for his party and doing well. Ignatieff should do the same for Libs.

If Layton succeeds to get more seats than Bloc in Quebec and succeeds to deny Harper majority then all the power to him. It is hoped that Libs and NDP can win enough seats to form a coalition. Harper has demonized coalition during this election when he was for it in 2004 in order to become PM. Lot of European countries, including Britain, have quite workable coalitions and there is no risk of elections every two years as minorities governments do in Canada. Coalitions can provide fairly stable governments.

The Mound of Sound said...

Unfortunately, LMA, you haven't thought this through. As the Ottawa Citizen quite rightly noted, a Layton ascendancy almost guarantees a strong Harper majority. It'll probably churn up the Con and uncommitted vote and could sadly draw off some of the rightwing Lib voters.

In my experience there are two types of NDP leaders. One is the Lewis/Romanow/Harcourt type. The other is the Glenn Clark/Layton "operator" type - underhanded opportunists.

Contrary to some of the remarks here, I am hardly suggesting that Layton should have capitulated to Ignatieff, anything but. Most of these whiners are the same voices who said this election had to be all about fighting Harper. That is until their weasel decided to split his effort, to let up on Harper in order to go after Ignatieff who had been neutral toward Layton.

Even a devout Dipper has to work hard to ignore that their boy has been carrying Harper's water through the past three elections. He was instrumental in getting him into office, he was a great help in getting Harper a big minority and how he's poised to boost Harper to a majority. Layton's quite content to see Harper unleashed on Canada if it gives him a shot at the consolation prize.

You confuse what Layton would supposedly do with the reality that he'll never form a government, minority or otherwise. He's a greasy, dead end road that leads Canada nowhere.

You know I carry no brief for Ignatieff and that I wanted this election to be a unified campaign against Harper. I'm still not pro-Ignatieff but I am decidedly anti-Layton because, as I've said repeatedly, he has again and again and again shown himself to be a total prick.

The Mound of Sound said...

Jim, you said, "Layton said, this time it isn't enough we keep Harper from his majority, this time we need to replace him." That's a curious remark from a guy who will probably be instrumental in giving Harper his majority. This bald little bugger is so disingenuous yet his followers will just echo whatever nonsense spews from his lips.

As I've said before, LD, the very prospect of the NDP forming the Opposition will send extra votes pouring in to the Conservatives. I expect a lot of Blue Libs will jump ship - and not to Clever Jack either.

My point is that it's foolish to expect characters like Layton to give a shit about Canada. His kind always run true to form.

LeDaro said...

Mound, if Harper wins majority we cannot blame anyone else but Ignatieff. He is definitely no Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chretien. If he was a good political leader then Harper would be walking out of 24 Sussex Drive after May 2nd. Harper has too many scandals and failed government. Only opposition can be blamed to not succeed to oust him and Libs are at the head of that losing flock. I know you’re no Iggy fan but after this election Libs will have more to worry about his leadership.

A dynamic Liberal leader will not let Layton stand in his way and would have shattered Harper by now.

The Mound of Sound said...

LD your remark is preposterous. You stand reason and critical thinking on its head. What you suggest is that Layton's actions have had no impact on Harper's prospects. What utter nonsense. Layton has always been far more anti-Liberal than anti-Conservative. He's demonstrated that with Martin, with Dion and, now, with Ignatieff. And, in each case, he's done wonders for Harper. Is that really too hard for you to grasp?

LeDaro said...

Mound, all I am saying is that we need a dynamic Liberal leader. Ed Broadbent was one of the strongest leaders NDP ever had in recent decades. Trudeau did not let him stand his way. If pitched against Ignatieff, Broadbent would have demolished Iggy. As a liberal I am upset too but I see Ignatieff as a big problem. However, during elections I chose to remain silent on his leadership.

It will be a disaster for Canada if Harper wins a majority.

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton is a cunning conservative disguised as ndp.
What do expect from this son of a conservative minster under brian mulroney's government.

It was Liberals who humiliated the conservative.

He is out to take revenge for this.

He is not for poor people of this so far great country, but for himself

Oemissions said...

i have never liked Jack, but i have high regard for every NDP MP i have met.
This year tho, i see a new sparkle in Jack
and it seems many others have as well
i'm a pollyanna when it comes to federal elections
this year i get to vote for Elizabeth May in my riding
as for the Libs,I separated from them with the intro of Iffy,Icky,Iggy
Now i am in a complete divorce.