Sunday, April 03, 2011

Harper Will Mow Your Lawn, Fetch Your Groceries, He'll Even Wash Your Dog - Just Not Until 2015

I guess Steve thinks we're all swept up in the "faith-based" society because he's counting on you to have faith in his child credit and annual fitness credit proposals that won't be coming before 2015.  On these things you have to trust Cap'n Weasel, the very paragon of accountability and transparency.

Steve is acting like he's running the NDP.   When you don't stand a chance in hell of having to run the country you can promise anything.   Steve has probably figured out he doesn't stand a chance in hell of still being around in 2015 so for all the difference it'll make he might as well promise to pave the streets with gold.   Sorry, I forgot we'll need all that gold when the real bills roll in for the F35 short-range, small payload aerial bomb truck.

2015, that's five years off.  That's about the same amount of track record Steve's already logged, five years.   So, if you were to judge the reliability of Steve meeting these new promises five years down the road based on the way he's met all his earlier promises these past five years, how do you rate the odds?

By the way, here's a chance to be creative.   Try to come up with the biggest whoppers Steve can promise for 2015.   The sky's the limit, isn't it?


LeDaro said...

Steve wants to make sure that your future is bright. It may take five years but it will be worth waiting. :)

By the way I read the highlights of Ignatieff’s platform and it looks good. Now what he needs to do is a good selling job. Other than Harper’s promise of “ …Mow Your Lawn, Fetch Your Groceries, .. Wash Your Dog” in five years there is nothing else substantive. Oh yeah he will build a lot of prisons too.

Beijing York said...

I love this title. Maybe he'll clean my kitty litter box... in 2015.

And now I officially feel bad about naming my new feline ward, The Weasel.

The Mound of Sound said...

Gee B.Y., I'm not sure you could trust him to clean your cat's litter box - at least unattended. My sincere apology to your cat. Fortunately your cat can be renamed, Steve can't. Like it or not, he's got dibs on Cap'n Weasel.

Saskboy said...

He'll restore democracy.

The Mound of Sound said...

Of course he will, Saskboy, but be careful. He charges by the hour and he doesn't work cheap.