Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Velvet Touch"? Oh, Come On.

When I heard about Jack Layton getting smeared about getting an innocent massage at a Toronto rub'n tug nearly twenty years ago, I thought it was just that - a smear.

I didn't know it was true until Jack's wife, Olivia Chow, told reporters that Jack had told her about it and his run in with police at the time, way back when.

That's when I began to wonder about this massage parlour.   When I practised in Vancouver there was one of these joints above a nearby restaurant we often frequented.    As I recall it went by the name of "Swedish Touch" and nobody remotely sentient had any doubt about what sort of touching went on in there.

Now there are plenty of legitimate massage therapists in Vancouver and, if they have a trade name at all, it's usually the therapist's own.  So that got me wondering just what was the trade name of the spot Jack frequented.  According to the Toronto Sun, the establishment went by "Velvet Touch."

Oh, come on.  Layton is allegedly caught in the room with an "attractive, 5'10" Asian woman" in the Velvet Touch?  Bringing it up at this point is a blatant smear job but, in my opinion, the ever sanctimonious Jack is as much to blame for that as anyone else.


Anonymous said...

Seems like strong words to say you KNOW that it's true. I would suggest believe to be more fitting.

The Mound of Sound said...

Really? Well I never said I "know" that it's true. Jack's wife, however, seems to 'know' that it's true. What I 'believe' is that no guy who claims to be as savvy as Jack does can be taken at face value on this whopper.

Hollie said...

I have no doubt that, should you glance at my blog, you would dismiss me as "a Christophobic bitch;" but it seems that yours is the voice of pain, not scorn: you're not upset about Layton's possible indiscretion, but because he's put the Liberal Party back on Cheap Street where it belongs. As an immigrant, I can't vote yet, and if I could, I wouldn't vote for Layton. In a way, I'm thankful that I can't vote in this election, because each of the four candidates repulse me for various reasons. But Layton has rendered the country a signal service in putting a stake through the heart of the Liberals. If that helps give Harper a majority, I'll be sorry; but, as I recall, it wasn't Harper who demanded this election.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hollie, you misread me. Had you spotted the previous item, "Shades of Grey", you would know that I consider all three mainstream parties utter failures. You're right in saying I'm not upset at Layton's apparent discretion. I simply find it amusing as I tend to whenever some pompous ass who basks in smug sanctimony tumbles off his high horse.

Hollie said...

Thank you for your reply. I did read "Shades of Grey," and appreciated it; if I sounded snarky, it was because of your ire over that terrible publicity hound who was burning the Koran, whom you called a "Christophobic bastard." I hate it when people take that kind of guy as a representative of Christianity ... anyway, I wouldn't vote for Layton. As a newcomer to the scene, I like what I've seen of his personality; he strikes me as a "favorite uncle" type. If he's sanctimonious, I've missed it, because I haven't been watching very long. But I'd never paid him any attention until this stupid election was called. By the way, why aren't they talking about the reasons for the no-condfidence vote? The refusal to disclose documents? Shouldn't smirking, truly sanctimonious Harper be explaining a few things?

The Mound of Sound said...

And, by the way, Hollie. I can't begin to grasp why you think I would dismiss you as a "Christophobic bitch." You might be Islamophobic but I don't think you're Christophobic, do you? Really? Do you have a fear, a phobia, of Christianity?

I really don't care about anyone's preferences in religious superstitions. That said, I abhor religious extremism of all stripes, the sort of fascism that gets expressed in Islamic, Jewish and Christian fundamentalism.

Annie said...

i wouldn"t vote NDP with Layton.. but if this is true about Jack why does the media not go after Harper and his todo with with The Northern Foundation, Heritage Front and both involved with Nazis., instead.

Hollie said...

Sir, I misread your reference to the Koran-burner, who I will not dignify by name, and I apologize. You called him "Christofascist," not "Christophobic." That puzzled me. "Christophobic?" I know plenty of Christophobic and theophobic people, but they're not fundamentalists or evangelicals. Thank you for pointing out my error. I try to read carefully, but I've been called a "Christer" (Gore Vidals's charming term) and such like terms, so I guess I'm overly sensitive.

But I didn't start a blog, or invade yours, to hold myself up as a very good Christian. I'm a believing Christian; that's about the most I dare to say. My performance sucks. But I'm no "Christofascist." I know what you mean by that term, and I hate it. One reason I came to Canada was to get away from the right and left wing fascism that have totally inundated America. Bush and Obama are two sides of a very nasty coin.

If you call me "Islamophobic," I won't dispute you, except to make a distinction. I don't hate Muslims. I hate Muslim doctrine, Muslim practices, and the way Muslim leaders treat people. Believe it or not, I have plenty of (secular) Muslim friends. I met them in school.

Now we're communicating! This is great. But I'm sorry to have hijacked this discussion. We have an election to piss and moan about!

Anonymous said...

"Really? Well I never said I "know" that it's true."

But you did.

"I didn't know it was true until "

I only read one article with Jack's wife, and it said she knew he was there and that the police were there. It didn't say she knew of any wrong doing. I'm not saying it did or didn't happen as our version of Fox news wants us to believe it did. I don't know. I'm going with the innocent until proven guilty method.

Anonymous said...

Purple library guy said...

Ma'am, if you are under the impression that the Democrats are on the Left in the sense that the Republicans are on the Right, you really shouldn't yet be voting in any country in the world other than the United States.
Most other countries still have some vague idea what being "on the Left" means, but the United States lost the concept decades ago. By any normal standard worldwide, the Democrats are a right wing party--firmly dependent on corporate donations, solidly determined to act on the requests of corporate lobbyists, certainly more anti-labour, anti-government-intervention and pro-"free"-market than the furthest right party in places like Germany, France or Italy. They're relatively secular compared to the Republicans, but that's not really a left/right issue. If you still think the Democrats are on the left, you haven't acclimatized yet.

Note one key difference between the NDP and either the Democrats or, say, the Liberals: The NDP do not accept and have never accepted corporate donations. What makes Layton "sanctimonious" is that he doesn't get countermanded by corporate bosses any time he thinks of a policy that will help actual people. To people determined to settle for less, positive policy like that is either naive or sanctimonious, and since Layton's clearly an experienced politician it must be sanctimonious. Sanctimonious is just another word for "Didn't sell out".

Hollie said...

Purple Library Guy, I'm at a disadvantage, because I don't know if you're addressing me or not. I don't want to take a chance on ignoring you, if you are, because that would be rude, and my ancestors would rise up outta their graves and get me.

My Daddy was a Vietnam protestor (that's how I became familiar with Canada), and I've been raised on politics. I don't believe in the left-right paradigm, except in looking at history. Nowadays, I believe that corporatism and globalism and what Ellul called "The Technological Society" rule everything. Ellul is my hero. In America, the Democrats and Republicans are all fascists: but not all fascists are right-wing. I wouldn't presume to analyze the Parties up here.

I'm mostly a libertarian. I don't care so much if Bush or Obama or Harper are "conservative" or "liberal;" I care if they're total statists. They are.

I'm gonna start following this blog. I can learn something from you disaffected liberal types. Stranger things have happened!