Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Other Ways to Look at Paris and ISIS and Syrian Refugees

I think I'll keep this post open, adding new graphics as I come across them online.


Steve said...

Hi Mound, its pretty clear ISIS has a provenence that is humiliating. A phony organization fighting a phony war agaist itself.

Anonymous said...

these are fantastic. particularly the first--It's depressing how effective the 'war on'/ 'fight against' terror rhetoric has become in separating action from reaction. any time those terms are used the user, if not accepts, reinforces the framing that those atrocities exist in a vacuum.

in the hours of paris coverage I've seen or heard, the fact that france is taking part in 'coalition' attacks in Syria and/or that the perpetrators stated this motive during the attack and after has been mentioned barely a handful of times and even then mostly in passing.

Toby said...

When a bomb explodes the terror is real. At that moment it does not matter who built the bomb, who delivered it, how it was delivered or who set it off. Somehow, many people seem to think that when a "terrorist" sets off a bomb that it generates more terror than if the bomb is dropped from a NATO plane. The disconnect is deafening.