Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Van Jones Warning to Canada. Listen Up.

"It can find a home in your country, too, if you don't stand up to it."

Van Jones understands the bigotry Trump has tapped across America does not respect borders. There is plenty of low life in Canada to carry that same torch, burn that same cross.

A high-profile American political commentator says Canadians are flat-out wrong if they think a candidate like Donald Trump couldn't succeed here.

Van Jones, a CNN political contributor and former White House policy adviser, spoke with reporters on Tuesday evening about the U.S. election ahead of a Toronto event organized by the Broadbent Institute.

"Most Americans right now are just heartbroken about the whole thing," Jones said, noting both major parties have major flaws — the Democrats for their elitism, while the Republican Party has become a safe place for bigots.
"The country is so divided over these two broken parties that nobody wants to go home for Thanksgiving dinner."


Toby said...

No question about it. I quit my association with a rather famous organization because the local chapter is filled with bigots (mostly ex police). It's a shame because the organization has its heart in the right place.

I often think that the main difference between Canadians and Americans is intensity. Canadians are softened down by our universal health care; thank you Tommy Douglas.

Mound, I watched the 35th Portier Lecture on White Trash - The 400 year History of Class in America. The author of the book did a credible job explaining the origins of those we call white trash. What she says aligns with other authors on the subject.

Ben Burd said...

Anybody who thinks Trumpism will not succeed in Canada is either an academic fool, progressive liberal convinced of the righteousness of their cause or just plan wilfully ignorant (in the purest terms)

One only has to cruise social media to be assailed with people who are your friends convinced that Katherine Wynn (Ontario) or Rachel Notley (Alberta) are the devil's spawn.

Unfortunately as most 'policy wonks' know that the seeds of electoral defeat take place many months before the actual vote, Wynn is done, Brown will be the recipient of the moving votes only because he is the alternative as Horwath appears to have decided that political obsurity is comfortable.

Trumpism will elect Brown