Monday, April 22, 2019

What Would It Take to Avert a Mass Extinction?

Just when it seemed we were all doomed. A new report suggests how we might save planet Earth, averting a 6th mass extinction in the process.  In a nutshell, all we have to do is put half the planet off limits to humans.

An international group of scientists is proposing a third way that marries the two in an ambitious plan they hope will save the species that make our planet so rich—including ourselves. 
They set out their timetable in a paper released Friday in the journal Science Advances calling for a "Global Deal for Nature." Its unified objective: protect the ecosystems to combat climate change; combat climate change to protect the ecosystems. 
It aims to set aside 30 percent of the planet's lands for various degrees of protection from development and destruction by 2030, with additional protections for another 20 percent. It also sets goals for conservation in oceans and freshwater ecosystems.
"We've made a mess of it for ourselves in terms of biodiversity and climate. We're on two terrible trajectories," said Eric Dinerstein, the lead author of the paper. "We're living through the sixth great extinction crisis and a dramatic change in the earth's climate, which threatens the future of humanity."


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have idle daydreams too. So let's put 5 billion people in the Sahara and see how they do. We'll just ask for volunteers on Facebook - should work a treat.

If someone has a bright idea like the one you write about here, it had better pass the Granny sniff test. This one hasn't a chance, anymore than sending people to Mars and Titan on the offchance.


The Mound of Sound said...

Agreed, BM. If God (as you imagine Him) wants to take our Earth, She'll have to pry it from our cold, dead fingers.

maydavid said...
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