Saturday, May 01, 2021

Raising the Bar or Catch-Up Ball


Pandemic, check. Climate change, check. Infrastructure, check. Tax reform, check.

For most of the Liberal government's time in office they've had something of a free ride. Trump set the bar so low it wasn't hard to look good by comparison.  But Trump is no more and now the new guy has raised that  bar - a lot.  Suddenly, Canada is looking a little shopworn.

When it comes to today's universal pain in the ass, Covid-19, America has left us in the dust. U.S. vaccination rates eclipse our record. 

That's not fair. America hasn't left us. The new guy has authorized Pfizer to send us about 10 million doses per month of its top-drawer vaccine. That's a real shot in the arm for Canada. 

It's true that the Liberals have had a millstone around their neck, guys named Ford, Kenney, Moe and others. LoL - low-order leaders. You don't need a clown car for that bunch, you need a bus. Perhaps a hearse would be more appropriate. Mr. Biden, however, has it worse as Red State legislatures work tirelessly to revive Jim Crow and anything they can think of to preserve White Power.

Joe seems intent on shrinking America's carbon footprint by weaning the country off the worst fossil fuels and instead boosting alternative energy. Justin talks the same talk but builds new pipelines that neither Canada nor the world needs. Then again, the prime minister has a track record of not meeting his promises.

But Mr. Trudeau still has his ace in the hole - everyone else. He may not be much but he's way better than his only real rival, some guy named O'Toole. Faint praise, I suppose.

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