Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Tories Politicizing Canada's Courts

What constitutes a terrorist or a state sponsor of terrorism? I don't know, maybe acts of terrorism? Maybe not. Maybe you're only a terrorist or a state sponsor of terrorism if the Conservative government isn't willing to look the other way.

As I expected, the Tories have introduced legislation allowing victims of terrorism to use the Canadian judicial system to sue supporters of terrorism but only so long as those terrorists are on Ottawa's list of terrorists.

A terrorist or a nation that supports terrorists is off the hook unless Ottawa puts them on its list. So, in other words, you can drive people from their historical lands, steal their water, destroy their homes and orchards, even treat them to a dandy barrage of white phosphorous shells and it's perfectly okay unless some Conservative jackass says otherwise.

Public Thought Minister, Tubby Van Loan, says proven shill, Governor General Jean, will make the determination of who is and isn't a terrorist according to what she's told by her master, Steve Harper. Mr. Loan said it's not up to him to decide whether the United States, Israel or India might make it on the list. I suppose Pakistan is free and clear too.

Here's a thought. Why not simply define "terrorism" and "acts of terrorism" and "state sponsors of terrorism" and let the courts receive evidence and decide who is and isn't a terrorist? Oh, wait a minute. Never mind, I get it.


Mark said...

Guess who's an enthusiastic supporter of this garbage? Another piece of s***ty legislation, brought to you by the "don't call it a coaltion."

How's that disaffectedness been going lately?

The Mound of Sound said...

Exactly as you might expect Mark. Thanks for asking.