Friday, June 05, 2009

Dear Mrs. Watson (#2) - Get Yourself a Lawyer

That's Mrs. Watson #1 lying on her back, quite dead, on a seabed off Australia. Christina Watson had been married all of eleven days when hubby, Gabe, killed her.
Mr. Watson, a veteran diver, took Mrs. Watson, a novice on a tourist dive trip. Evidence at his sentencing hearing (he pleaded guilty to manslaughter) was that he turned off the valve on her tank, waited for her to suffocate, turned the valve back on and bolted for the surface. The photo captures the dive leader racing to help the already deceased Mrs. Watson.
The Australian judge gave Mr. Watson a four year sentence that could be suspended after just 12-months imprisonment.
In the six years since his wife's murder, the bereaved Mr. Watson managed to remarry to a woman described to closely resemble the first wife. What must she have been thinking?

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Oemissions said...

This is Bizaare.
A vow to love, cherish and murder.