Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Gone fishing. Back soon. In the meantime, try solving this, the Gordian Knot.




Red Tory said...

Enjoy the peace of mind!

LeDaro said...

Hey MoS, take your boy Johnathon with you for fishing. Now he has parked on blog.

I used to have some respect for the guy but after he used that abusive language towards you - what can I say.

He not only has loose screws but those screws have fallen off.

LeDaro said...

I meant on 'my' blog.

Red Tory said...

That guy is a menace. He's on almost every blog!

LeDaro said...

RT, someone is good in British Columbia to float people in the water and their feet show up on the shore. May be the guy needs to go fishing after all.

Just kidding, Johnathon, do not get excited.