Monday, July 07, 2008

Louise Arbour - the New York Times' Take

In the crusty minds of those like Vic Toews, Louise Arbour is a "disgrace" but the non-befuddled world sees her in a much different light. The Times article notes that her tenure as the UN's Human Rights Commissioner has been tumultuous:

"...Ms. Arbour’s forthright views have angered many governments and interest groups. This year, Zimbabwe’s justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, said Ms. Arbour had turned her office into a “deified oracle which spews out edicts we all must follow.” Some supporters of Israel have called her an idiot.

The Bush administration, too, has objected to her frequent complaints about its use of torture, secret arrests and disregard of international law as part of the campaign against terrorism."


Johnathon said...

Thank God that Arbour is gone.

She is nothing but a left wing mothball who should move to Palestine.

Anonymous said...

Louise Arbour is a world class diplomat, and it's a damn shame we're losing her in that position. I believe she'll be a success in her next endeavour, and I hope her replacement follows in her footsteps.

A Eliz. said...

Louise Arbour told the truth which many did not like. She saw things as they were, and not in rose-coloured glasses as Jonathon sees through.She did not tske sides, just told it as it was. The U.N. will miss her.

Anonymous said...

Louise Arbour's work has been widely condemned, not only by Israel, but by the United States,Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and North Korea. It sounds like she did her job too well to please some.

WILLY said...

Ms Arbour makes you proud of the way Canada used to be. A truly power Canadian, I wish her nothing but the best.