Monday, July 07, 2008

If Not Now, Then When?

Blowhard EnviroMin John Baird warns not to expect any climate change deal coming out of the G8 summit.

Bush and his Yo 'Ho Clone of the North say no deal unless India and China sign on for equal cuts. I've already addressed their highly selective idea of what "equal" means but it ought to be more than enough to ensure that Big Oil isn't given an enviro-wedgie anytime soon.

Leave Bush out of this. He's finished anyway, a washed up malignancy. What about our own? No deal without China and India, eh? Okay then when will we see that kind of deal? How long can we wait? What are we going to do to entice/cajole India and China into a deal to our liking? Where's our carrot and our stick? Better yet, what will be the fallout of insisting on a deal that India and China won't accept?

Bairdo doesn't like getting into these questions. He's quite content to stonewall, depicting India and China as the recalcitrants without ever acknowledging any merit to their "per capita" arguments. Baird would rather throw up a smokescreen any day than clear the air.


Oldschool said...

Go take a pill . . . since James Hansen and his silly computer models were 100% wrong . . . maybe we should deal with the real problems POLUTION.
CO2 is an odorless, non-toxic, rare gas, which enables plants to process sunlight and emit Oxygen.
China is the biggest polluter on the planet and India is second. Where would you rather live Bombay or Seattle? Anytime you see news from China and India look at the background . . . it looks like LA in 1980. LA is much cleaner today . . . why don't we wait till the big polluters catch up to us before we shut down the economy to please the enviro-wacks.
Gordo's carbon tax is a stupid idea . . . Dion's is even dumber . . . they will drive inflation and penalize the poor folks . . . but on the bright side . . . it will get a lot of folks off the roads, I like that.

The Mound of Sound said...

Fair enough, Preschool, time to put up or shut up. What is your source for the ludicrous claim that Hansen's computer models are "100% wrong"? No more of your pseudo-science claptrap. Show us all the original source of this profound wisdom. What you say or claim is essentially meaningless - or worse. Source your claims or get lost.