Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maybe They Should Just Go Underground

Parliament has said they ought to be able to stay here. The Federal Court has ruled that the pretext under which the immigration authorities sought to throw them out was invalid. Yet the SHarpies, like their American Idols - the Bushies, apparently feel that the law means nothing to them.

American deserter Robert Long is being given the bum's rush by the federales, despite the recent ruling of the Federal Court of Canada upholding fellow deserter, Joshua Key's, appeal of his failed refugee application. The same day that Key's rights were upheld by the Federal Court, the immigration cops nailed Long in Nelson, B.C. on a deportation warrant. Word is he'll be booted back to Bushland in just a couple of days.

I'm not entirely onside with the deserters. They did volunteer after all. That said, the abject political cowardice of the Bush regime in continuing to wage its wars by creating a hostage, "stop loss" army instead of having the courage to institute a draft, transforming loyal, well intentioned volunteers (and their families) into hardship cases, to me justifies allowing them to slip away to refuge in Canada.

This will undoubtedly infuriate you rightwing nutjobs who visit this page. Up yours. I know all too well what befalls these kids and their families. I also know it's those who condemn them the loudest who stay the farthest away from the recruiting centres. If you feel so outraged, hop across the border and sign up yourselves.

So, Parliament has clearly spoken and the Federal Court has weighed in on these kids' side. That's enough for me. If Lard Ass chooses to ignore the court and Parliament, if he insists on being Bush's Monica, I think these kids ought to go underground, disappear. I'd like to think they'd find plenty of Canadians willing to take them in.


Anonymous said...

He should seek sanctuary. I'd pay excellent money to see Harper try to pry him from a Church. I know there have to be many who would stand up for any disillusioned soldiers leaving what has been, from the beginning, a farce of the honourable war that the volunteers were promised and signed up for.

Johnathon said...
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The Mound of Sound said...

Johnathon, how many tours of Afghanistan have you served? You don't have to answer that. Your kind are all mouth, all the time. You're a vile and loathsome creature Johnny Boy and you can't keep a civil tongue in your head so - you're binned. Gone. Bye, bye.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually Johnathon I'll leave your last post up for a while so that everyone can have a good laugh at your astonishing ignorance. If you'll give me your mother's address I'd be pleased to send her a copy of it. Actually, forget it, I wouldn't do that to your mother.

Mike said...

LOL...ah man MoS, you must have really gotten under Jonathon/Biff/Fred's skin...nicely done.

You kiss your mother with that mouth Jon?

Ha ha ha ha!

Lizt. said...

That johnathon shows how vile the Alliance/Reform could be. A true Conservative, as in PC, would never be that sick. Could he not talk about the American boys who did not want to go to the war? Perhaps johnathon woild like to go to Iraq, instead, it they would take his foul mouth.

Jim Terral said...

And now for a change of pace. Your choice of nicknames for Rt Hon Stephen ("Lard Ass") Harper reminded me of an open email to Karl Rove from one Blanca de Bree who describes her site as "Conservative blog exposing the left wing for the traitors they are."

She used to promise sex, but alas, I guess she's had so many offers that she doesn't need to do that any more.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, I note that when it comes to the "daily attacks on our beloved Commander Dude," she doesn't spare the dubious tho talented Mr Rove.

"I put the blame squarely on you, lard ass. Now don't misconstrue my words. Lard ass is a term of endearment, like fat fuck, shit for brains, and dumb dick. Like the Decider, my nick names often have bite to them. But then you would already know that, wouldn't you, Turd Blossom?"

She goes on, but you get my drift. Maybe Johnathon's mom will enjoy more of Blanca's keen commentary:
" the good guardian you were, you should have known that leaving the President alone with his thoughts was like leaving a spastic, retarded, criminally insane monkey alone with a box of matches and a five gallon can of gasoline."

But that was in another country, and besides, most of the dead are civilians.

At the moment, Robin Long is in the Nelson lockup awaiting justice or a show of courage from Lard Ass, whichever comes first. Could be a long wait.

Keep up the good work.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks Jim. I do believe you just made my day.