Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bush is a Loonie

Here's the metaphor I've been looking for for so long. Imagine you live in a small town. And imagine that everyone knows that at noon on Friday, Jim comes to the town square, performs a little dance and barks like a dog because he thinks that'll bring rains to the parched fields. Jim keeps showing up, like clockwork, every Friday and goes through the same bizarre dance each time and, each time, there is no rain. How long would you let Jim do this before you could accept that he was insane? How long would you wait for Jim to deliver up rain before you figured out it was time to dig a well?

Look at the mid-term congressional contests that have got George Bush out making speeches. Then listen to his speeches. This guy is actually trying to use Osama bin Laden, his greatest personal failure, to recruit votes for the Republican candidates. He tells you that democracy and the defeat of terrorism in Iraq is just one more dance away and then he starts barking. Isn't it time to dig that well?

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