Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Netanyahu's Sock Puppet Addresses UN General Assembly

Barack Obama showed what he was made of today - not very much at all.

In a flaccid speech that appeared to convince no one, Obama said that recognition of Palestinian statehood was premature and the UN instead ought to use its efforts to push Israel and the Palestinians into negotiations.

Obama plainly implied, but stopped short of actually saying, that recognition of Palestinian statehood would somehow undermine prospects for peace with Israel.  He didn't come right out and say it because he knew how pathetically stupid it would sound.

With a wormy lap dog like Obama, Netanyahu is away to the races.

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LeDaro said...

Shameful performance by Obama. Palestinians are waiting for the last 60+ years and now some miraculous negotiations will happen and the problem will be solved. I believe situation in the Middle East – Israeli atrocities against its neighbours – is the biggest threat to world peace.