Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Even Surprise Visits are Too Dangerous Now

When President Bush gets together with Iraqi PM Maliki on Wednesday, they'll be meeting in Jordan. It's reported that Baghdad is now considered far too dangerous for Bush to visit. It makes you wonder why he refuses to admit that Iraq is in the grip of a civil war?

According to Mr. Bush, al-Qaeda is responsible for the sectarian violence now spreading through Iraq. Does that mean that Shia Iran is now off the hook?

Acknowledging the fact of civil war would be awkward for the American president. It would bring into question the viability of the Maliki administration and possibly leave the US in a position where it had to take sides. Of course it would also be lethal to the little support George Bush can muster at home for the Iraq occupation.

The question is how long the United States can sit this one out?

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