Monday, November 20, 2006

Who In Hell is Tom Harris?

This is him, Tom Harris

If you've posted a blog on the global warming denial industry, you've probably received a comment from Mr. Tom Harris criticizing your piece or your sources. When I learned that I wasn't the only one who had gotten 'the message' from Harris I went to my friends at Turns out they've got quite a file on the guy.

At his blog:, Harris presents himself as a P.Eng. in Thermofluids and Executive Director of the Natural Resources Stewardship Project or NRSP.

Do a Sourcewatch check on NRSP and, OMG!, who do you find as this organization's Chairman but noneother than global warming denier generalissimo, Tim Ball. And the hits just keep on comin'. Although NSRP maintains it has no direct connection with the Calgary-based climate change denial cabal, Friends of Science, Dr. Ball is one of that group's loudest spokesmen.

Mr. Harris comes to us fresh from a stint with APCO Worldwide which, if you watched Bob McKeown's piece on the Fifth Estate, is a well-known PR firm associated with Philip Morris and its campaign to deny any link between cigarettes and cancer.

Have some fun. Go to and run your own searches on Tom Harris, Tim Ball, Friends of Science, Natural Resources Stewardship Project, APCO Worldwide and some guy named Phillip Morris. You'll be glad you did.


Anonymous said...

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Tom Harris said...

While you're at SourceWatch, don't forget to check out the discussions between the guy who edits (censors) the site and myself. If you want more on me, also check out my now very out of date Web site at - I have been writing about climate change for nearly eight years now. Space exploration for much longer.

Thanks for the promotion of our group, even with my pic no less!

Anonymous said...

With all that time on his hands, maybe he should expand (or recover) his mech engineering background and learn some climatology beyond the 1970 pocketbook guide to weather.

Anonymous said...

Another blogger searched his writings, and found several claims about the "Heidelberg Appeal". The denialist often point to this as a consensus among scientists that climate change is not accepted (while they fight the concept of consensus). The usual claim is "The Heidelberg Appeal, signed by nearly 4,000 scientists from 106 countries including 72 Nobel Prize winners, warned of the 'irrational ideology' driving global-warming science." or some such group wording. Global warming and climate change were NOT mentioned in the (somewhat lame) 'Heidelberg Appeal'. See

That's as good as they have, for evidence.

Tom Harris said...

This might enlighten people - it is just a small sample of the many mistakes in the Fifth Estate piece:

Fred Singer corrects the record

If you would like more on their errors, let me know.

Anonymous said...

People may want to check out the Open Letter to the Sec Gen of the UN from 100+ climate experts explaining the serious mistakes in the agency's approach to climate change:

Tom Harris

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Fred Singer.
Yet another denier with fossil fuel industry ties.