Saturday, November 25, 2006

Harper Cuts More Climate Change Programmes

According to The Globe, Harper is about to take the axe to government climate change programmes again. With the integrity of a nest of pit vipers and the nerve of a canal horse, the Tories are even "...asking public servants to help manage the 'fallout' by explaining why their positions should disappear." I'd love to know the carrot and stick behind that sleaze.

Speaking of sleaze, the article also reveals that - surprise, surprise - Rona Ambrose hasn't been terribly honest about this business. E-mails obtained by the Liberals under FOI confirm that government officials were directed to excise references to Kyoto from the government's global warming site. When asked directly about this in June, Ambrose claimed the question was "ridiculous." Rona Ambrose is a sleaze.


Anonymous said...


Is this just a drive by smear, or was there something you actually had to post?

If it is what it appears to be, than you should be ashamed of yourself. What do you know about climate change? (except what Suzuki and Greenpeace are feeding you)

What do you know about Canada's role in sequestering and using GHG's? Except what you are being spoon fed by the MSM, and the Sierra Club.

The truth is that something needs to be done (read Stearn), but it is is something substantially different than Kyoto. Why would you support the destruction of the economy for essentially no reason or no value?

Is that the key question?


wilson61 said...

I am looking forward to what the 'committee' comes up with. The Kyoto farce will be exposed thru groups that MSM would not allow a voice when the Clean Air Act was announced.
Instead, MSM went into a week long tirade over 'Belinduh is a dog', because it is oh so more important to Canadians than environmental legislation.
Thankyou Jack!!

The Mound of Sound said...

Anonymous, you're wrong, flat out wrong. And, since you asked, I am sufficiently concerned about global warming that I've gone back to university to study environmental geology. Fascinating stuff. I'm not relying on Suzuki or Greenpeace but pure science. Do you think that the national academies of science of every Western nation are wrong and Rona's right? Don't sail off the edge of the earth.

Anonymous said...

M of S,

The crux of the matter is fossil fuels. The people on this planet have started an effect that may at some point turn into a positive feedback loop (Lovelock's Gaia crisis theory). Some pseudo scientists would say we are there now. I don't know, although the earth's temperature ranges in the Tertiary would indicate that we are still well within negative feedback loop fluctuations.

However, we really need (REALLY NEED!) to quit using fossil fuels. There are lots of locally appropriate techno fixes around, and some large scale ones (e.g. fusion).

Kyoto is nowhere. It is a trade agreement that penalizes "hot" economies because of our present technological paradigm's. PMPM wasn't working toward fossil fuel solutions, he was "marketing" Rick Mercer and building a tax payer produced billion dollar slush fund to "buy credits".

Doesn't sound like anything that would decrease fossil fuel emissions to me. Just more brown bags filled with MY money. PMSH rightly killed it. Rona rightly is pushing to re-create rulesets for 2013+.

I'm trying not to sail off the edge.