Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is Obama Buying Netanyahu Time to Finish Annexing the West Bank?

"Not now" is Barack Obama's answer to the Palestinian Authority's appeal for statehood.  It's hardly unexpected coming from a feeble executive who can't even get basic legislation passed through his own unruly Congress.  The Republican's will piss on Obama later for gutting American hegemony in the Middle East yet, on Palestine, he's as reliable to Netanyahu as would be Rick Perry.

All Obama has left is an hollow "no."  He's an empty suit when it comes to the Palestinians, Jerusalem and the West Bank.  So, where does that leave the Palestinians?  al Jazeera provides a telling glimpse into flourishing West Bank Zionism, the sort of people who consider West Bank Palestinians "occupiers."  Now they're even recruiting gunmen from France.

Two weeks ago, an announcement appeared on a French website, calling for "militants with military experience" to participate in a solidarity trip to Israel between September 19 and 25. "The aim of this expedition is to lend a hand to our brothers facing aggression from the Palestinian occupiers, and to enhance the security of Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria," it explained. The dates of the trip coincide with the Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations.

The website belongs to the French chapter of the Jewish Defence League (JDL), a far-right Jewish group founded by Rabbi Meir Kahane in the United States in 1968. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has refered to the JDL as a "violent extremist organisation".

"In France, it is a movement made up of French citizens who defend the Jewish community when faced with aggression, and also defends Israel in a more general manner," said Amnon Cohen, a spokesperson for the group. “In terms of ideology, we are Zionists, pro-Israeli, and we share similar ideologies to that of the Ichud Leumi ["National Union"] party in Israel." The National Union advocates the settlement of Jewish people in the entirety of the occupied West Bank, which it calls by its biblical name of Judea and Samaria.

I suppose it's to be expected.  Israel was born out of terrorism of the Irgun and other Zionist groups.  Terrorism drove Palestinians from their homes for the expansion of Israel.   Now, with Obama safely painted into a corner, what's next should be pretty clear.


LeDaro said...

Obama’s main pre-occupation is to win another term and he will do anything to achieve that goal. He knows that if he goes against Benjamin Netanyahu he will lose Jewish votes in the New York state and elsewhere. As you know that Weiner’s seat went to a Repug, in a recent by-election, because Repugs portrayed Obama as anti- Netanyahu and anti-Israel. He cannot afford that the same happens during presidential election in 2012. As a politician all he cares is how to win Jewish votes. Presidential candidates are on high alert when it comes to Israel.

It looks that Netanyahu is more powerful in US than Obama. He openly reprimanded Obama, for being lenient towards Palestinians, when he last visited the Whitehouse.

Anyong said...

I knew Obama was a dud from the very beginning and he has proved himself to be exactly that....a dud who wants to be President a second time. Obama is making it very easy for Americans to vote in one of those stupid right wing nut jobs.