Saturday, April 27, 2013

First He Gagged the Public Service and the Armed Forces. Now It's the RCMP, the Royal Conservative Mounted Police.

The Harper government seems to have politically captured the RCMP.

One of the most astonishing abuses of democracy perpetrated by the Harper conservatives has been the "capture" of Canada's public service and armed forces and their transformation into partisan political agencies of the PMO.

Harper quickly moved to isolate the government from the people by installing a gaggle of political commissars operating inside the Prime Minister's Office to regulate communications to and from the public.

Harper's commissars determine what communications are allowed to pass to the people who are supposed to serve the Canadian public.   They decide what questions may be asked.  They also filter responses to these questions to ensure they conform to and support Conservative policy.   In this way they transform the sequestered departments into their very own partisan political agencies.  In this way they blind the Canadian public and the outside world to realities they find politically inconvenient.

Now they're moving to sequester the RCMP.   Commissioner Bob Paulson has dutifully spread the word that senior Mounties must obtain clearance from his office before speaking even to MPs and Senators.

Peas in a Pod?

Here's the chilling bit of Paulson's directive.

In an email dated March 22 from Paulson to more than 50 chief superintendents, assistant commissioners and deputy commissioners, the commissioner said that meetings or lunches with parliamentarians "can have unintended and/or negative consequences for the organization and the government. Therefore, should you or your staff receive such requests, I am directing that you advise my office and the chief strategic policy and planning officer."

Did you get that?  Plain as day.  Mounties must not do anything that might have negative consequences for "the government."   Not the country, not the Canadian people, no - the government.   The Harper government.   Must be on guard not to do or say anything, no matter how true or important to the country, that might have negative consequences for "the government."

There it is.   Now it's the Royal Conservative Mounted Police, the national political police agency of the Conservative party.  But then again, it's been that way since Zaccardelli helped deliver Harper to power by meddling in a national election.    And when Zac had to go, they put in a Conservative backroom boy, Bill Elliott to be the first wholly-political Commissioner of the RCMP.   Elliott's finally gone but Paulson, it seems, is carrying on his work.


Anonymous said...

I did a quick search to see if any other major news services were or had carried this story, and so far haven't found any.

I am outraged by this yet once again, the Corporate media lambs appear to be remaining silent.

Lot's of coverage on Prince Phil, Brain Burke's quest to sue anonymous posters for defaming him and NK and Iran trash talking Canada though

Lorne said...

Absolutely disgraceful, but sadly, not surprising. As your post makes clear, Mound, the RCMP surrendered any semblance of impartiality a long time ago. this news needs to be widely disseminated.

Anonymous said...

Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. It's as clear as day why, Harper is a Dictator and a control freak. However, people just don't listen.

Hasn't anyone read? Harper's speech on Global Governance for Canada? Harper said Global Governance has been worked on, since 1945. Obviously someone liked Hitler's idea, of his Third Reich Global Government.

No-one listened when, CSIS warned of, China's huge intrusions into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned, ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell, gave BC to Communist China long ago. Campbell works for Harper, right to this very day. They also forced the BC people into, their illegal HST, lies and scam. Harper rewarded Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to England, for doing his dirty work for him. Harper sell-out to China, began way back in Campbell's reign of terror. We yelled and hollered about that too. No-one listened to the people of BC.

However. Canadians are very well known for, sleeping through absolutely everything.

Anyong said...

This news was all over CBC radio.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP have now entered into an open conspiracy with the Conservative Party to subjugate the rights of Canadians.

I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm deeply saddened.

The Mound of Sound said...

The question has crossed my mind as to why the tenor of Paulson's memo to the most senior officers in the RCMP had such a strident tenor to it. Is there something he does not want them discussing. Does he fear whistle-blowers at the highest levels? Is the RCMP adding new skeletons to a closet already jammed full of them?

And just who is Paulson's "chief strategic planning and policy officer"? Or is that also someone within the PMO?

The RCMP has heaped such shame upon our country and has sowed so much distrust among the public, particularly here in British Columbia, that it becomes difficult to give a kinder interpretation to Paulson's memo. For that he and his force have only themselves to blame.

the salamander said...

.. he who was gagged .. do we have a gagged prime minister ?

The Harper Party and Harper Government are either 'captured' or completely 'renegade'.. and so its best to be very specific and accurate regarding the complete hierarchy, fool chain, marching orders.. and corrupted structures.

Thee are many glaring clues and undeniable facts to the entire sordid Harper era in Canada. I'll mention a few here.. that bear investigation and inference. Perhaps its possible to determine who gags and/or directs Stephen Harper. Certainly he does not control the powerful energy factions or state owned Chinese industrial factions.

The mounted police have become more than a musical ride and long ago lost credibility and trust. More an more they remind me of the bizarre characters with elf boots, axes and strip pantaloons with feathered hats that stand near the pope in Rome..

Here's a brief & partial but significant list of gaggers & gaggees, which as suggested could help resolve who controls who.. In no particular order.

Fipa - Energy - Harper - Oliver .. How does China now have such 'favored status' and why did Liberal Party - Trudeau vote in support of this trade act that was negotiated secretly and signed in Russia ?

Keith Ashfield re DFO .. and the farmed salmon scandal and coverup.. Who gags - directs him ? Why the cover up and obstruction of science and justice. This alone should bring down the Harper Government.

Energy group requests omnibus changes to Environmental Law & Navigable Waters - Harper Government reacts immediately to every request. Peter Kent obviously gagged and directed, Joe Oliver and Keith Ashfield as well.

Afghanistan Torture Scandal - Prorogue - Who gagged Harper, Mackay and downstream diplomatic corps? Who controls Canada's courts and response to International courts ?

Election Fraud penetrates approx 230 federal ridings - Elections Canada + Harper Government 'responds' as if a few typical dirty tricks may or may not have happened. Who is gagging.. delaying .. blurring this investigation ? Who agreed to temporarily cover up Van Loan's election fraud conviction ? Who requested/suggested ? Who agreed ?

Vic Toews hypocrisy and incompetence - Who controls this ideologue ? Or is he just out of control? What does he stand for aside from his devolved & deeply flawed opinion ? Julian Fantino - same situation !

Procurement scandals - Proroguing/election - coverups re F-35's, Arctic Patrol vessels, tanks, support vehicles, Coast Guard .. - Who gags related Ministers, Mackay, bureaucrats, military etc. ? Does the buck stop with Harper/PMO? Who might be above ?

Government policy re Israel/Palestine - Either someone is pushing Harper & Baird's buttons, or they are both complete evangelistic, ideological shallow minded fools for Jews uber alles apartheid & colonial expansion.

Canada departs from every significant environmental agreement as well as United Nations agreements - This is Harper's idea ? Closing EPA ? Who's idea was this really ? Attacking David Schindler re Fort Chipewayn, Alexandra Morton, marine biologists, scientists ?

Extinguishing First Nations treaties is integral to energy extraction expansions, fracking for oil/gas and tar sands pipelines - Harper/Flanagan driven doctrine. dogma via Prime Minister's Chief of Staff Nigel Wright - or is this entitled, racist, white supremacist policy ? Direction/requests from China ?

The scandals, questions, cover ups, obstructions, denials, idiocy, redactions, defensive litigations, incompetencies just keep coming from the Harper cabals.. both elected and unelected.

Are they truly criminal political fools.. or merely complicit controlled fools ?