Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 420

It's 4/20, or 420 or 4:20 a day of celebration in downtown Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery and other centres such as Haight-Ashbury, Parliament Hill and Major Hill's park in Ottawa.  It's the day when people gather and celebrate marijuana and the cannabis culture.  They sell it, they buy it, they smoke it, they eat it.

We don't have any 4:20 celebrations in my geriatric town.   We find it's not a good idea to let seniors have matches.

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Elliott Taylor said...

Was it ever packed, and early too! I rode my bike north on Hornby at about 10:30 AM and it was already crowded on the lawn by the art gallery. I was unable to ride south on Hornby at 3:30 PM because there were so many people toking up that they closed the block between Robson and Georgia. It was a most excellent turn out this year! I don't use the stuff but I sure support legalizing it.