Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Japan Threatens Force In Confrontation With China

Eight  Chinese government ships have entered disputed waters apparently headed for the Senkaku-Diaoyu islands.

Japan has warned that it will "expel by force" any Chinese landing on the islands.

The latest clash over the islands came as nearly 170 Japanese lawmakers visited the controversial Yasukuni war shrine in central Tokyo on Tuesday, seen as a potent symbol of Japan's imperialist past, riling its neighbours China and South Korea.

Tokyo summoned the Chinese ambassador to Japan after the state-owned Chinese ships entered its territorial waters while Beijing called the shrine visit an "attempt to deny Japan's history of aggression".
The flotilla is the biggest to sail into the disputed waters in a single day since Tokyo nationalised part of the archipelago in September.
The islands are surrounded by rich fishing grounds and are believed to harbour vast natural resources below the seabed.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to "expel by force" any Chinese landing on the islands in the East China Sea, and promised "decisive action".

"We would never allow a landing," Mr Abe told parliament in response to questions from lawmakers, adding: "It would be natural for us to expel by force if [the Chinese] were to make a landing," he said.

It is feared in some quarters that war could inadvertently be triggered by Japanese and Chinese brinkmanship.  


Anonymous said...

China's aggression is showing up, in other country's as well. This isn't the first time, Japan has had to escort China out of their territories.

China was crowding, the South China Sea. They were trying to take a small Island in the Philippines, rich in resources. The U.S. was in a stand off with China, over that incident.

In Ghana Chinese miners were detained. China was caught mining illegally. China does not respect, other country's mining claims, they just take them.

In South Africa, the Chinese mine owners are, cheating the African people, out of their wages. China pays them $100 per month.

Every country China gets into, the country and the people are cheated.

Harper's sneaked FIPA deal with China means? China's takeover of Canada, will be for 31 years. China will take, the timber and the mines on, Vancouver Island. There are nine mines and mine expansions, going into Northern BC. China will take the rich resources in the High Arctic. Harper has already given China, the tar sands and Nexen.

China will bring over, hundreds of thousand of their people, to take all of the jobs. Harper already gave China, the 200 BC mine jobs 300 BC miners applied for, Harper gave Red China.

Anyone trying to block China's invasions into Canada? China has the right to sue Canada, courtesy of Harper.

No-one likes the Chinese. They are a pariah around the globe. China is purposely causing trouble, with their menace. Some country's that support China are, N.Korea, Iran and Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

I only wish the Trudeau Liberals didn't get off to such a disastrous start supporting FIPA.

Anyong said...

Really something to begin a war over....two rocks poking out of the East Sea. If it is the fish that is the great prevoker...they need to consider conservation as the fish stocks are almost depleted. That is reminiscent of the disput between Japan and South Korea regarding the Liancourt Rocks in the East Sea..and it is the EASR SEA by all historical accounts up until the time Japan occupied Korea from 1904 until 1945. Here again Japan has killed off the Sea Lions for scientific purposes and continues to over fish the area. It needs to be acknowledged that Japan is despised by most Asian countries including China for the awful treatment China and Korea received at the hands of the Japanese. Both China and Korea will never allow Japan to ever gain power over their territory ever again. The Japanese still consider themselves to be the superior race in Asia. However, they came out of Mongolia and killed off the Indigenous people except for Okinawa where some Indigenous people can still be found. However, that doesn't make beginning a war over these Islets sane. Japan needs to acknowledge what it has done for there to be any kind of resolution.350 RelaOn

The Mound of Sound said...

Unfortunately, Anyong, it is something just like this that could cause one or both countries to essentially stumble into war. The only good news is that the Chinese have a demonstrated ability to fight brief, limited wars as they have done with India and Vietnam. The Chinese fight for limited objectives to extract concessions.

Anyong said...

One other thing: The Japanese have and continue to buy up land in other countries all over the world and also own parts of the tar sands as well as gas fields in the North of Canada where they employ their own people for production. That also applies to South Korea regarding purchases of gas fields and oil in Canada as well.

kapil Singh said...
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Ramsingh sharma said...
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Anonymous said...
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mohan singh said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ravi Chavla said...
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Riya Sharma said...
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Tony Fernandes said...
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