Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Liberals' Renaissance in Quebec.

Quebec's federal and provincial Liberals appear to be enjoying something of a renaissance.  The Toronto Star's Chantal Hebert figures the Trudeau Libs now give Mulcair's New Dems' Quebec-centric power base a serious challenge.

In an ever-expanding forest of positive polls for the Liberals, the latest CROP snapshot of Quebec public opinion stands out but not necessarily for the usual Justin Trudeau-related reasons.

...the poll suggests that Quebec is undergoing a Liberal revival, with both the federal and provincial parties in first place in voting intentions at 38 per cent.

Trudeau and Couillard are associated with a better-established brand than both their NDP and CAQ rivals. Over the past decade, that brand has been tarnished by the federal sponsorship scandal and by allegations of provincial corruption. With a fresh face at the helm of each of them, the CROP data suggests the impact of those episodes is fading.

Francophone voters are the agents of the Liberal recovery.

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