Friday, October 23, 2009

Kyle Unger - Why We Don't Execute Convicted Murderers

There are plenty of ways for an innocent person to wind up convicted of murder. Lazy or dishonest cops, incompetent prosecutors and defence counsel, botched forensics, a bad judge or an even worse jury - it happens and it happens all too often to run around topping people based on the reliability of our judicial system.

Kyle Unger knows what it means to be wrongly convicted of murder. After wasting 14-years in prison for a crime he did not commit, the Winnipeg man has been cleared.

The evidence against Unger in the killing of a young girl at a rock concert included the testimony of a forensics expert who testified that a hair found on the victim's body was Unger's. Guess what? It wasn't. It didn't belong to Unger. In fact the Crown Attorney today admitted there was no trace of Unger on the deceased's body.

Harper and his redneck supporters don't much care about the Ungers who get wrongly caught up in the system. To them, executing innocents is just a cost of doing business in a real, red-meat, law & order nation.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the real reason we don't execute citizens because it is immoral? Not because we might kill the wrong person, but simply that the state should protect its citizens, not kill them?

marie said...

Harper and his jokers do not care anything about people other than themselves and their own greed.

I guess they believe a life for a life is good policy but they forget the most important part, a person is considered innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt.