Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Need To Talk

While we can hope that the departure of Ian Davey as Ignatieff chief of staff will somehow lift the LPC leader's sagging fortunes, there's a real risk that it's too little, too late. lt's good that the leader has gone for an experienced hand but I'm not sure that Donolo has ever had the challenge he's now facing. He never had to rescue Jean Chretien from Jean Chretien. His former boss was a political veteran, a skilled campaigner.

I think one of the first things Donolo should do is teach the Liberal leader to talk. Mr. Ignatieff needs to speak to the Canadian people, to present them an array of ideas and policies they can support. Day care, arts funding... blah, blah, blah. I'm sure they're all wonderful and deserving but they hardly rank among the existential crises facing Canada and the world.

Just because Harper doesn't want to talk about the serious stuff - and he doesn't if only because that would mean he might have to do something - doesn't mean the Liberal leader should follow suit.

I think the Canadian public realizes that bad stuff happens, that it is happening and that no one in Ottawa is even talking about that much less dealing with it. If the future of Canada and the fate of future generations of Canadians is a political potato too hot to handle, why have a national government at all?

We need to talk about things that matter to the Canadian public - things such as the security of our healthcare system, the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor, Canada's position and role in the world and every aspect of the global warming problem. Those are just for starters. We have to discuss these and, in the process, remind everyone of what liberalism is supposed to mean.

This isn't about polls or electoral tactics. It's about the heart and soul of the Liberal Party. It's about deciding whether the LPC is going to cleave to its liberal roots or content itself with being transformed into centre-right Democrats to the Tory's far-right Republicans.

Michael, let's talk.


Anonymous said...

"His former boss was a political veteran, a skilled campaigner."

Actually, that was exactly the public profile that Mr. Donolo created. (Also, the "little guy from shawinagin" was all Donolo's making)

So overall, good news for the OLO. I think we'll be seeing a gradual shaping of a new persona for The Leader in the next few months.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sorry 'bout that but you're wrong. I remember Chretien from his pre-Donolo days when he was a key Trudeau lieutenant. He earned his skills the hard way and without a handler. Iggy is no Chretien.

And, just for the record, I hate it when Libs talk about "The Leader." Save that stuff for the Fuhrer or Kim Jung Il. It gives me the creeps.

LeDaro said...

Chretien indeed was a very skilled politician by the time he became leader of LPC. Charter of Rights and Freedoms was Chretien creation and not Trudeau as such. It was a great achievement in itself.
Iggy is no Chretien. Donolo may be has a magic wand but it is yet to be seen.

John Prince said...

Excellent post. I couldn't agree with you more. My sentiments exactly. Good for you!!

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, thanks for stopping by John.

Anonymous said...

"the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor...". Hate to keep you up on current events but thats been happening since before Confederation, pretty much since scrip was used instead of gold.

Both the Libs and CPC haven't done much to decrease the gap, what happened to the Red Tory.