Wednesday, September 08, 2010

And Where Is Charles Dickens When We Need Him?

Continuing with the theme of Stephen Harper's kinky imprisonment fetish, this from the federal prison ombudsmen.

In a burst of 19th century enlightenment, correctional investigator Howard Sapers is decrying the practise of lengthy solitary confinement for the mentally ill.  From the Canadian Press:

"[He] also recommends round-the-clock health-care coverage at medium- and maximum-security prisons.

Sapers has released an extensive report on the Correctional Service's response to deaths in custody.

He has harshly criticized the prison service over the 2007 death of 19-year-old Ashley Smith, who choked herself with a strip of cloth at the Grand Valley prison in Kitchener, Ont.

...Sapers argues offenders with mental disorders — especially those who might harm or even kill themselves — should not be put in isolation cells."


Beijing York said...

Ashley Smith's case is one of the most criminal treatments of a mentally ill youth I have ever read about.

The Law and Order Harpercons just filled with vengeance and hatred and will continue down their path of jailing anyone they find repugnant be it addicts, the mentally ill, Aboriginals or refugees. Did I miss anyone on their hit list of top offenders?

double nickel said...

Corporate freeloaders?

Anonymous said...

Beijing, you missed the poor and the dept-ridden. What would Harper give to get the poor houses back into society?

Beijing York said...

You're right, Troy. Harper is also well on his way in offloading social welfare programs to evangelical charities. Welcome to the 19th Century.