Thursday, September 09, 2010

Terry Jones - Slave Master?

The Sydney Morning Herald has a piece claiming whack-job, Florida pastor and would-be Koran burner Terry Jones has been using his parishoners as slave labour in his furniture business:

A former worshipper said he worked 72 hours a week without pay for Terry Jones, who insists he will go ahead with the Koran burning to mark the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the US.

Mr Jones, pastor of the Dove World Church in Gainesville, Florida, runs a used furniture business with his wife, Sylvia.

While the pastor moves between two homes - a house in Slidell, Louisiana, and a holiday apartment in Tampa, Florida - his unpaid workers, motivated by their Christian beliefs, live in low-rent accommodation he owns.

Shane Butcher, who was expelled from the church for disobedience, told the Gainesville Sun he worked for the pastor's TS and Company for up 72 hours a week without pay, and meals were provided from a ''food bank''.

...Emma Jones, the pastor's daughter from his first marriage, has described her father's church as a ''cult''.
Word is that many of the pastor's followers mistakenly thought they were signing on with this Terry Jones, the sane one:

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