Friday, September 03, 2010

What the Right's Crime & Punishment Fetish Boils Down To

One thing the uber-Right shares, that spans local and national lines, is the fetish for building and filling prisons.   They love nothing so much as to scare their constituents witless about horrible crimes in their midst even when they just have to make it all up.

Arizona governor, Republican Jan Brewer is running for re-election and, typically for her breed, is leaning hard on her law'n odor platform.   Among other things she's been warning Arizonans about those pesky Mexicans leaving decapitated bodies in the state's deserts.  Oooh scary, except it isn't true.  Now, if you enjoy political comedy, watch how this uber-Right dimbulb reacts when she's called on her lies:

I can't say that American journalists are particularly gutsy but I would love to see that much spine in their Canadian counterparts who persistently give Harper a pass on his perpetual bullshit.


Beijing York said...

Well done reporters. She is such a vile person.

Speaking of reporters, when was the last time we saw scrums outside Parliament Hill? I miss those.

The Mound of Sound said...

She truly is pathetic but her state's government is psychotic. Arizona has about the lowest, per capita state debt in the U.S. yet it teeters on bankruptcy. They have defunded the state government to the point of rendering it utterly dysfunctional, at least administratively. It's specifically because the Arizona government can't tend to the needs of its citizens that it resorts to straw men issues such as immigration to distract a very curious electorate. Oh well the place is running out of water anyway so it won't be long before it's put out of its misery.