Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Promoting Arms Control in the Middle East Impairs Efforts to Promote Arms Control in the Middle East - Israel

When you have to torture logic this horribly, your head is up your arse.

From the Global Security Newswire:

Arab states' campaign to have the International Atomic Energy Agency call on Israel to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty is likely to impair efforts to promote arms control in the Middle East, a senior Israeli official said yesterday.

Israeli Atomic Energy Organization Director General Shaul Chorev harshly criticized what he described as the "continuous ill-motivated efforts to single out and to condemn the state of Israel."

He said the resolution was "incompatible with basic principles and norms of international law."

"Any approach that ... singles out the state of Israel not only weakens the ability of the international community to confront (nuclear) proliferators and violators but also defeats the prospect for advancement of arms control measures in the Middle East region," Chorev said.

Well maybe Israel is getting singled out because, in the Middle East, it alone (as in "single") possesses a nuclear arsenal.

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LeDaro said...

"When you have to torture logic this horribly, your head is up your arse." Or Arse just changed places with the head. What a piss off.

Single out Iraq and destroy the country on the false pretence that they had WMD's. Now similar approach is being taken towards Iran. What a perverted world we live in. Over 200 deadly nuclear war heads in Israel – just look the other way.