Saturday, September 11, 2010

They Do It With Dogs

So if people will bet big money on dog fights, why not take it up a notch or two?

Here's what I've got in mind.   A really big arena with a dirt-covered floor (maybe right after a monster-truck event).   Then out of these doors at either end emerge waves of fundamentalists - Muslims from one side, Christians from the other.

No guns, no knives - just baseball bats and bibles.   Bible-thumping, to the death.   They go at it until one side is completely wiped out.   Afterward there's a suitable moment for prayer to the victors' god and then they're whisked straight off to Guantanimo Bay for ten or fifteen years of, well, let's call it rehabilitation.

The television rights alone should be worth a fortune.   And think of the merchandising!

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