Friday, August 24, 2007

A Champion of Global Warming Skeptics

Robert Murray doesn't believe in global warming. It seems he doesn't place too much stock in mine safety either.
Murray, who sells about $800-million in coal annually through his companies, appeared before a House hearing on clean energy to denounce "so-called global warming" as "skewed and totally one-sided,' because the news media, Congress and pundits have been 'preoccupied with possible, speculative environmental disasters.”
Murray Energy Corporation is the owner of the Crandall Canyon Mine the scene of a collapse that took the lives of six miners and three rescuers. The tapped-out seam collapsed while miners were conducting "retreat mining", culling the coal pillars used to support the tunnel roof. Murray bought the mine from Analex Resources that thought the idea just too risky.
The New York Times reports that Murray owns 19-mines in five states, "several with safety records far worse than the Crandall mine."

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Anonymous said...

Also, the government agent/inspector is a Bush/Rove appointee and there have been twice as many mining disasters since he became the inspector - hmmm....

Also, these big mining guys are big donators to the GOP.