Friday, May 16, 2008

Can Bernier Stop Embarassing Harper?

Maxime Bernier's days are numbered. Canada's New Government's foreign affairs minister has pretty exotic tastes - in girlfriends and now, it appears, in air travel also. It's bad enough that he's utterly bungled his job, he doesn't need controversy about his high life.

The latest scandal involves a $22,573 bill Bernier rang up for airfare - yes, for one - to attend a 2-day conference in Laos last November. Basic airfare for that trip comes in at about $7,000. Two of Mad Max's aides clocked airfares of $18,500 for the same trip.

Bernier is a walking disaster. It seems he can't open his mouth - or his pants - without bringing unwanted attention on Stephen Harper.

Max, on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada, I'd like to say "thanks."

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Anonymous said...

nobody embarasses harper but harper...