Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Five Weeks?

It's one thing for Max Bernier to have left classified, highly sensitive documents on his girlfriend's coffee table. It's another matter entirely for her to have them for five whole weeks.

Five weeks?

Bernier and Harper need to answer for that. Why weren't the documents recovered the minute Bernier realized he'd left them behind? Did he just forget he'd left them at Couillard's apartment? Was this an isolated incident or the sort of thing Maxie is prone to when he's on the hunt? Has somebody done an inventory of the former minister's documents to veryify that there's nothing else laying about where it's not supposed to be? Is Harper properly managing his cabinet? Are other Con ministers just as negligent as Bernier?

Let's face it, Harper's cabinet isn't exactly the faculty from the Rocket Academy but something more akin to the supporting cast from a Charlie Chaplin movie. Bernier wasn't just the minister of tractor parts, he was foreign affairs minister and yet he operated like a rank amateur.

It's time that Parliament got to the bottom of this. Somebody has to and it's plain that Harper won't do it.

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Anonymous said...

Funny, I've been waiting myself to see MSM pick up on the 5 week thing.
Maybe the bed bug can reveal all.
There is also one other thing no one has speculated upon.....the possibility of more than one person with................far reaching,"connections".