Friday, May 09, 2008

Obama's Secret Weapon - the "D - Bomb"

Yeah, sure. Bring on Reverend Wright. Bring on Michelle Obama's gaffe about "pride in America." Bring on Obama's, well, ethnicity.

At the end of the day, John McCain's supposed advantages over Barack Obama wither and die just as soon as anyone drops the "D-Bomb."

"D" stands for "draft" which is exactly what Johnny Boy will have to wind up doing if he wants to transform Bush's follies into a more permanent debacle. America doesn't have enough troops to keep this silliness going much longer. You can only "stop loss" reservists - keep them from returning to their ruined businesses and overstressed families - for so long. There are people who are now on their fourth tour of Iraq and/or Afghanistan. You can't keep making them go, you just can't.

If McCain wants to "fight to win" in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's going to take a lot of soldiers, a lot more than Bush's "marking time" force of the past three years. The US Army is facing a huge problem now. A lot more people, plenty of them held against their wishes for one year or more, want to leave than newcomers want to join. You have to release your hostage soldiers at some point but then what? They'll have to be replaced with even more new, inexperienced and - in many cases - unwilling. There's only one answer - you have to institute a draft.

The only way McCain will be able to maintain his wars, even without winning them, is to draft replacements. McCain's personality is not strong enough to overcome, with voters, the dislocation, dissatisfaction and dissent of the past six years. Try as he might, and must, he can't bury the legacy of George w. Bush. Yet, without answering even one of the strategic blunders of Bush/Cheney, without renouncing the way they abused their Constitution and the nation itself in the pursuit of their ideology, McCain merely proposes to carry on more powerfully. He doesn't understand that it's already been proven that a huge power advantage often means almost nothing at all and can even be a handicap.

Just by standing on principle, Obama ought to be able to beat McCain by a wide margin. Just show that he has to draft and that's the overwhelming end of John McCain.

Memo to Obama:

"Read Above"


Anonymous said...

watch west virginia and kentuky, and then say...president McCain...

Anonymous said...

Whats kind of funny and ironic is, that for the first time since JFK there is a man running for President that captures the imagination and inspires...and the best his detractors can do is to bring up race and lack of expierence....pretty sad. This young man inspires people...his words connect...I'm not sure what you call it but he's got it. If they dont elect that man as the next POTUS they'll deserve the disapointment they all will feel next summer. I think Canadians should remember that economy's run on confidence, and, when there is a strong and confident US there is a vibrant Canadian economy as well.
Cant wait for the first Harper/Barack summit! (had to get that shot in) billg

Skinny Dipper said...

I wonder if a future president Obama ever visits Harper in Canada that Obama will have to get his speeches vetted and approved by the Prime Minister's Office.

LeDaro said...

Mos, good one. D'bomb. My first reaction was McCain's association with Dumbs or De-bums Bush/Cheney but this one is even better. Sooner or later there has to be a draft to carry on these wars and Americans are not going to like it.

However, our immigration will thrive too as we will get lot of friendly Americans.

All this is enough to scare Americans and not to vote for McSame.

Anonymous said...

Of course they will be vetted SkinnyDipper...and you wont even see the strings!! McSame! Thats funny ledaro! I will use that and call it my own. billg

The Mound of Sound said...

It's apparent that McCain is willing to adopt the Bush/Cheney posture toward Iran. Even if it amounts to only a bombing campaign it could be a tipping point for the Muslim world, the last straw that radicalizes moderate Islam.

There are several ways for McCain to lose control of the Iraq/Afghanistan mess and transform it into something much larger.

Even if McCain was to win the White House I'd bet it would be a very unpopular, one-term administration. He would need to find large numbers of fresh troops and, short of emptying out the prisons, where could he get them? I doubt that even Republicans in Congress would risk their necks to support a draft for such an unpopular war.

The American people want this thing wrapped up and they're much more concerned with that than with the outcome. We'll see the same postwar angst and recriminations that followed Viet Nam but, at this point, that's unavoidable.

And Bill, you old hound dog, I find myself impressed with your stirring endorsement of Barack Obama. You are redeemed.

Anonymous said...

I know of another young upstartpolitician who is good with words and admired by his caucas...his name is Pierre Poliviere.......most of his words are lies....signed granny...and one before him....stephen harper...and before that Brian Mulroney the great orator.

Anonymous said...

I think Barack Obama is what the US needs right now. I cant say I'm surprised at the Clintons but someone somewhere has got to get to them and tell them enough is enough. Since 1914 the world has benefited from a strong United States, there have been stumbles along the way, but, for the most part there has only been one police officer in the world and that has been the US. The next 10 years are going to be an amazing foot note in history. Oil, GHG's, pollution, clean energy, terrorism and, of course a world economy. Wether any one likes it or not, the world needs a strong, confident, vibrant and just United States, and more importantly and selfishly, Canada needs that as well. I see no other candidate other then B.O. who can deliver.
I'm billg...and I approved this message. way to add alot anon

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah. A strong American economy will make Canada strong again...what a pile of blah. Why do Canadians think there isn't any other country we can do business with except the Americans. Canada is considered to be the 13th Federal Reserve of American....of course Canada goes down the tubes when America does. We were so stupid after the second world war with cap in hand, letting the Americans in tax look at what we have....a society that doesn't own much of its own.