Friday, May 16, 2008

Surprise, Dead Men Tell No Tales

The RCMP have announced they'll pursue no charges in the Cadman Affair. What a surprise!

Chuck, of course, is long gone, lost to cancer in 2005. Before he died he told his wife, daughter and son-in-law about an apparent bribe offered by some Conservative fixers to get him to vote to defeat the Liberal government of Paul Martin.

Unfortunately this man of such great integrity didn't get into details of who, what, when and where - the information the cops would need to build any case warranting prosecution.

With Cadman dead and the possibility of the others voluntarily incriminating themselves pretty slim, there's really nothing for the cops to go on but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have tasered a few highly placed Conservatives just to avoid the appearance of favouritism.

So, what does the RCMP announcement tell us about the Cadman affair? Precisely nothing.


Anonymous said...

It's a bloody shame they didn't have enough for charges. I don't see how that's possible since we've seen the evidence, and HEARD it, but police are sometimes wrong. I guess they wanted VIDEO and not just AUDIO to take down the Prime Minister and his clowns.

The Mound of Sound said...

Unfortunately the only thing we've heard about the alleged transaction itself has been vague hearsay from Cadman's family members. Only Cadman and the two Cons who approached him have personal knowledge of what was actually said and, without that information that Cadman can't give us and the other two understandably won't, there's not enough for a conviction on anything. Them's the breaks.

Anonymous said...

Ok there’s something fishy going on with the PDF the Liberals released of the RCMP letter to LeBlanc. Have a look:

It looks like the Liberals altered the letter before posting it to their website! The date “2008-05-15″ is darker everything else on the page, and the header is out of alignment with the letter body.

Very suspicious, and its just so convenient for the Liberals to reveal this exculpatory information late on a Friday before a long weekend when it will get no coverage! Sure the PDF says May 15th now, but I wonder what the original letter looks like? When did the RCMP really send the letter? How long did the Liberals withhold this letter before releasing it to the public?

Someone should look into this …

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes indeed, AnonyMouse, someone should look into this. We need a real conspiracy nut to tackle this one. Are you busy?