Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Revenge of Couillard - Bye, Bye Max!

Mad Max Bernier has finally wound up in the ditch. Turns out that his jilted girlfriend, Julie Couillard, did him in after all, not so much because of her tenuous former links with biker gangs but because Maxime left classified documents at her place. From the Toronto Star:

"...Bernier's departure came just a few hours before Couillard was about to go on air at the French-language television station TVA to say that her former lover was careless with classified documents."

What does this tell us about Bernier? Nothing we didn't already know. He was (and presumably remains) a dolt, utterly unsuited to the lofty job of foreign affairs minister that Harper bestowed on him. The guy was a walking disaster from Ottawa to Kandahar.

What does this tell us about Harper? Plenty, although not much that we didn't already know. Our Furious Leader isn't very good when events force him off his script. It's no wonder he's such a "talking points" control freak. He should have dumped Bernier a long time ago when his blatant incompetence became public during his visit to Kandahar. That, however, would have meant conceding awfully poor judgment in the first place and you don't readily get that sort of admission from Harpo.

Curious isn't it that it wasn't Maxie's string of blunders that forced Harpo's hand but the threat of a scorned woman's revenge. Well, Stevie's going to have to suck on this one for quite a while.

Here's another thing that Mad Max illustrates about Hapless Harper - his caucus is razor thin on talent and, even then, he chooses really poorly. Look at the cast of flops and duds - Rona Ambrose, Gordy O'Connor, Johnny Baird, Tony Clements, Vic Toews and, of course, Maxime Bernier. If they're his first picks, imagine Harper's "B" team.

All things considered, it's not such a bad thing that Harpo has run flat out of ideas. If he had'em, who would he appoint to implement them?

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Beijing York said...

This is so true:

his caucus is razor thin on talent

It also seems like Quebec representation in Cabinet is pretty weak.