Sunday, May 04, 2008

Who's Not Talking to the Taliban? We're Not - It Seems

Canada's clear as mud policy on Afghanistan got just a bit murkier this week. First came the news from Lt.-Col. Gordon Corbould, the new battle group commander, and Sgt. Tim Seeley, a civilian-military co-operation officer for Canada's Provincial Reconstruction Team, that our military would be reaching out to Taliban members, trying to engage them in talks.

Two days later, speedball DefMin Peter MacKay put the boots to that little bit of insubordination, telling Canadian Press:

"We are not talking to the Taliban. We are not having direct discussions with terrorists. We won't, will not, that will not change. What we are doing obviously in reconstruction and development and daily contacts that happen is encouraging people to move away from the Taliban's influence, to renounce violence."

Pistol Pete told the press that the government - no make that the cabinet - ah hell, make that Boss Harper - will set military policy, not the military and, besides, Harper gets all the quality military advice any Leader could want from Jungle Dick Cheney who's never more than a scrambled phone call to a secret cellar away! Besides, Pete noted, when it comes to Canada's rapidly mildewing New Government, if the Taliban want to talk, they'll first have to go through Furious Leader's political commissars in the PMO just like everybody else.

After assuring the press that we're winning in Afghanistan, hands down, DefMin MacKay slipped back into the cardboard shoebox where Furious Leader keeps the rest of his sock puppets. In an adjoining room, the Prime Minister herself, just finishing up a double portion of delicious Taliban short ribs, was heard to utter what most observers suspect was a satisfied belch.

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