Monday, September 13, 2010

It's About Bloody Time

When I moved to Vancouver in the '70s I was astonished at how many drivers ran red lights.   A colleague explained to me that, to Vancouverites, a red light was just "one man's opinion."  Cars ran'em, trucks ran'em, even city buses regularly ran red lights.

When I had visitors from the east I would warn them that, walking or driving, when the light turned green they should wait a full second, then look left and right, and proceed only if there wasn't someone running the red.   That's what I did and it saved my neck plenty of times.

Finally the provincial motor vehicle insurance agency has announced it will be installing 140-digital, "red light" cameras at problem intersections throughout the city.   $167 tickets will be issued to owners of vehicles caught on camera.

It's not as effective as giving motorists points on their licences but it's vastly better than nothing.


Dave said...

And we won't even think of discussing Vancouver drivers and the behaviour they demonstrate at a STOP sign.

The Mound of Sound said...

I hear that, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic coming from someone who does not like the surveillance society... or is that somehow different?

The Mound of Sound said...

Oh dear, do you really think traffic light cameras are hallmarks of a surveillance society?

These cameras certainly don't intrude on anyone's rights as driving is well established as a privilege, not a right. And it's very much a revocable privilege at that.

Besides, I'm far more concerned about other peoples' rights to safely cross on green lights free of jerks who run red lights.

Furthermore, as I understand it the tickets will be assigned to the owner of the licensed vehicle. The identity of the driver isn't an issue.