Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did a Fanatic Fire on the White House?

There's a warrant out for Oscar Romero Ortega, suspected of firing a couple of shots at the White House Friday evening.  According to BBC News there is evidence one round hit a White House window and two bullet casings have been recovered on the grounds.

Evidence links Ortega as the possible shooter.  So who is this guy and what would drive him to grab an AK-47 and fire on the White House.   Here's his description:

"Mr Ortega is described as a white Hispanic male of medium build, with several distinguishing tattoos - including three dots on his right hand, his name across his back and the word Israel tattooed on his neck."


Police have arrested Oscar Romero Ortega-Hernandez near Indiana, Pa.  Secret Service agents in Pittsburgh were said to have tracked down the 21-year old Idaho man.

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