Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sky is Falling - US Generals Warn America in Real Danger if Military Spending is Cut

A US Marine Corps general is the latest stuffed tunic to warn of dire consequences to America if the Pentagon's budget is cut.   Corps Commandant General James Amos says he's sure that something sort of awful will befall the American military from budget cuts.

We as a nation don’t even know, or have not got a sense of appreciation for, the impact that sequestration’s going to have on the Department of Defense,” Amos said, leaning in to drive home his point. “I don’t think we understand the magnitude of the impact that sequestration would have."

I would love to hear these generals explain how, with defence expenditures greater than every other nation on the planet combined, they have made such a total botch up of America's conflicts in/with Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Korea.   When was the last time these bozos actually won a war?   That's "won" in the sense of achieving their government's pre-conflict objectives?

It strikes me that, when you've had plenty of chances but have struck out every time, you don't get to bitch if someone wants to burst your bloated budget.   And you certainly don't get to scare the hell out of the public with vague threats of danger that doesn't exist.   And, if that's the best you can do, maybe you should just turn in your stars and take a serious interest in golf.

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