Friday, July 31, 2020

Britons Flock to Beaches


It's been a hot Friday in the UK. Temperatures in much of England were in the upper 30s. Some places hit 38.7 C.  A bit cooler to the north but not by much.

Even as Boris Johnson scrambles to put the genie back in its bottle, Brits have yet again swarmed the beaches along the south and southwest coast. Police are supposed to be enforcing social distancing but BBC reports they're mainly confiscating booze.

In France, Covid infections shot up 54 per cent in one week.

The pandemic is triggering racist accusations in Britain where some are putting the blame on BAME (black/asian/mainly ethnic) residents, rather than the crowds flooding the beaches and packing British clubs.

Hong Kong is now dealing with its 3rd wave of the Covid pandemic.

Me, I'm still hunkering down and it looks as if  I will be for several months to come.


Trailblazer said...

I moved from the UK in 1974 during the typically English coup moment where UK troops patrolled airports and other points of entry without Government authorisation.

Since my absence and not because of! the country has continued its path to failure.
The current situation of total disregard for others is just an extension of its Brexit decision...Fuck you Jack, I'm all right.
The UK has become such an extension of the USA as to be inseparable.
The US , UK 'special relationship now includes massing morons on beaches in either Brighton or parts of Florida ; all that missing is a choir singing, We are the World!!
Canada is not home free yet of Covid19.
Yesterday' shopping trip to Costco revealed 60% of the shoppers maskless though many did take the free mask provided by Costco but chose not to wear it; it must have made up for the lack of free food samples that are usually offered!
The shopping aisles were nothing less than 'dodge em cars" with people oblivious to social distancing; the main culprits being the elderly!
No wonder the virus strikes the elderly!

Whilst disheartening I will not take the bunker mentality.

We can still enjoy a life with Covid; a virus that is not likely to go away ,ever.
I have a friend that is involved with Polio vaccinations in Afghanistan , Somalia etc.
Polio like malaria is undefeated.
Get used to and adjust to Covid19.


The Disaffected Lib said...

No, Canada is definitely not in the clear, TB.

I'm going to try to self-isolate at least until the New Year by which time we'll have a better idea about a possible vaccine. In the meantime I'm lining up vaccinations for pneumonia (bacterial, not viral), shingles and this year's seasonal flu. My doctor recommends that everyone of our vintage who is healthy enough (check with your doctor) should consider every vaccine now available.

One of the main themes of this blog, TB, has been the loss of social cohesion evidenced in varying degrees across the Western democracies, especially the U.S. That, I believe, manifests in our unwillingness to act in concert, all helping out each other, to thwart the pandemic. It will be interesting, in a morbid sense, to see how our summer libertines fuel Covid outbreaks in September.