Friday, February 25, 2011

Morally Flaccid Prime Minister to Levy Sanctions Against Libya - Gaddafi Petrified

Canada's leading man of action, Stephen the Grandiose of Ottawa, is scheduled to stand up on his hind legs in the capital this afternoon to unveil sanctions against the Gaddafi regime in Libya.  The Vancouver Sun boasts that Harper's decisive and punitive measures will "step up the pressure" against Libya.

Having completely botched an attempt earlier today to airlift Canadians out of Tripoli (apparently nobody told them to get to the airport and the plane had to leave empty) may be why he's waiting until Muammar is in his jammies to lower the lumber on Libya.

Seriously, we're going to "step up the pressure" on Libya?   Maybe Gaddafi can't live without maple syrup, maybe not.  It's hard to imagine how Schoolmarm Steve intends to ramp up the pressure on a guy who is plainly batshit crazy.


Curtis said...

Morally flaccid. Perfect description for our own petty little DICKtator wannabe, Dear Leader™.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Curtis. Thanks for cluing me in to my sp. error. I realized it at the time but forgot to go back and correct it.

Anonymous said...

He was waiting for "leadership", from Obama...and then did exactly what Obama did. Impotent fool, that he is!

WILLY said...

Flaccid flatulent fallaciousness. :D

Atlanta Roofing said...

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