Monday, February 27, 2017

Trump's War Budget - Sorry, Gullibillies, What Did You Expect?

There'll be more money in Donald Trump's first budget. More money for the military that is. 54 billion dollars more.

Given that the Orange Bloat remains dependent on Chyna picking up America's tab, he's looking to offset that spending with cuts in foreign aid and especially in social programmes. Sorry, Gullibillies, but what did you expect?

The full defense budget and spending levels for domestic agency operating budgets will be revealed in a partial submission to Congress next month, with proposals on taxes and other programs coming later.

The approximately 10% increase for the Pentagon would fulfil a campaign promise to build up the military. One official said there will be a concurrent reduction in foreign aid and that most domestic agencies will face cuts.

The White House followed the treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, in saying Trump’s budget will not make significant changes to social security or Medicare.

As a candidate, Trump promised to leave major so-called “entitlements” untouched, a break with some Republican leaders who believe the costly programs need to be reformed.

By increasing defense and leaving Medicare and social security uncut, the Trump budget plan is sure to project sizable deficits. In the campaign, Trump also promised huge tax cuts, but top GOP leaders such as the House speaker, Paul Ryan, do not want this year’s tax reform drive to add to the budget deficit.

Congressional Democrats, recently forced by angry constituents to grow a pair, may seek to filibuster Trump's spending/cutting initiative and could - gasp - even shut down the government. 


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