Saturday, February 04, 2017

KellyAnne Exonerated. There Really Was a Bowling Green Massacre.


rww said...

The Trumpites are going to be posting this all over Twitter, saying "see it';s true, there is even an official plaque".

Jay Farquharson said...

Forward this to all your ragebook Uncles;

the salamander said...

.. the pooper scoopers of the elephantine liars are busy. Its large scale & its daily, what talk from out his ass - Trump can dump daily.. and have explained or twisted or just plain denied.. I'm just a voice in the wilderness, gathering my thoughts & my strength for where its most useful. I trust there are better folks than me to look after the deep legal implications.. and I may be better used as a provocateur using writeen word, pro level video or photography service in aid of important causes. That's a Canadian tradition in my view. i was always amazed by the animated film, The Man Who Planted Trees.. and the old American one about Johnny Appleseed.

The idea of dedicating any useful years of mine to educating Canadians about ecology, species, water, habitat etc.. appeals.. greatly! But I thought that was part of our elected, paid public servants job description. Instead I find fragments of leadership among mainstream media.. but primarly coming from biologists, scientists, and Indy bloggers.. What's wrong with this picture? Oh, those elected are either captured.. or whipped & no longer responsive to riding constituents. End the whipping & decry the sellout to neoliberaism is likely the most progressive electoral reform we will accomplish in my lifetime. Riddle me the answer to ending whipping party votes Batman.. and we likely put massive cracks into captured government.. and the walls may come tumbling down

The Mound of Sound said...

Sal, I'm working on a couple of essays putting out a few ideas about how we pry loose from the grip of neoliberalism. For a long time I imagined we would simply move beyond it - "the next great thing" idea. Now I sense that that won't work because it's the wrong direction. You don't build something better off the bones of neoliberalism which may be why we're stuck handcuffed to this dead hooker.

No, I think the way out of this is to go back. We have to embrace progressivism. The tenets of progressivism defining the relationship between state and citizen have been largely discarded during the market fundamentalism bacchanal of the past thirty years. Those tenets were abandoned because they were incompatible with globalism, a fetter on the supposed "invisible hand" of the marketplace. In this era democracy has atrophied. Liberal democracy, thus subverted, is in decline. Authoritarianism, oligarchy, autocracy are ascendant. In Canada this was introduced by Mulroney but it was consolidated under Chretien and enshrined under Harper. To Junior it's just the way things are. He cannot see past it, refuses to grasp how it fails us, and carries on as though we were still in the 80s.

If we can't break neoliberalism's hold, we may have to throw it over.