Saturday, February 11, 2017

Jesus, Justin, Give That Side of Your Mouth a Rest

If you ever needed proof that Justin is perfectly bilingual, able to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time\; truth out of one side, lies from the other; you should have been up at Yellowknife for the town hall.

Trudeau took that opportunity to defend the Arctic drilling ban that he justified  by invoking the precautionary principle.

Trudeau justified the ban by speaking about the risks of Arctic drilling, saying that "quite frankly, it has never been determined that it can be done safely.

"We make decisions based on science," he said. "And that's why we're working with the North, with communities, with the premier, with scientists, to establish the framework so that we can evaluate every five years... to make sure that moratorium is still relevant. But what we've done now is we're starting from a place where the ocean and the Arctic ecosystems will be protected by default."

Hold yer horses there, Junior. It has never been determined that you can sail an armada of supertankers through British Columbia coastal waters safely. The expert evidence is that there's nothing safe about it; a major ecological disaster is just a matter of when and how often. You never let that get in your way, did you? 

And, while you're at it, Slick, why don't you dish up all that science you made the Kinder Morgan decision on - the science about safety and bitumen spills and how you haven't got the technology, any technology, to clean it up. Or just show us the science about how your approved bitumen dispersant, Corexit, is safe to use or doesn't ruin marine environments or endanger cleanup workers.

Where was the precautionary principle, the science-based precautionary principle, when you approved Kinder Morgan?

And since you're getting all school marmish about science, why don't you show us the science about how your expansion of Athabasca Tar Sands production fits in with your other commitment, the one you boasted about at the Paris climate summit?


the salamander said...

.. the cart is before the horse..
Neither Justin or any other political animal, elected or appointed or just plain full of it.. has presented a valid explanation to the electorate (those folks who vote & live in Canada) about how getting Alberta dilbit to Asia ensures 'energy security' for Canadians.. or what any other viable options are.. its all rip n strip & get it out of the country via 'tidewater' & supertankers

That aside, the BC LNG pipe dream which also relies on supertankers to Asia follows into the same issues, albeit without the non recoverable dilbit aspects..

My point is.. (back to the cart & horse) The Prime Directive is - what are the consequences of the overall 'economic' strategy, vis a vis environmental destruction, issues of species, habitat.. our water, air.. and the unfortunate leftovers when Big Energy just walks away from the consequences, because they can. That would be uncapped wells leaking methane, boron, CO2.. or even natural gas and toxic water.

We have hysterical politicians on stage.. waving their arms & shouting Jobs, The Economic Growth & a Unicorn in every pot, and behind the curtain the crimes are underway.. plus the tax break subsidies.. and essentially none of these corporations are Canadian.. nada. Harper built this 'nation building' fabrication.. and now Trudeau is driving down the highway.. and there's Christy Clark riding shotgun

The victims are too numerous to list.. & the inter-relationships of environment, species (including humans), ecology, habitat too complicated for shallow partisan politicians to comprehend.. or the ultimate cost

The Mound of Sound said...

The reality that our political caste cannot accept, Sal, is that nature ultimately prevails. There is no other way to reconcile their rush to bring us to that point of reckoning. Perhaps it's cognitive dissonance on Trudeau's part or some masterful compartmentalizing of these challenges so that they're always handled in isolation. Either way he uses deceit to salve over his contradictions. On electoral reform he kept dipping into his bag of excuses, trotting out one after another to cover his trail. At the end of the day he's just another cheap hypocrite.

Hugh said...

"Pre-clearance bill would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers"

Anonymous said...

Allowing US border agents to detain and arrest Canadians on Canadian soil even if they decide to not board a plane after the usual rude CBP interview, is part of C23. Unconstitutional, I'd say, but JT will lick any power boots for a plugged nickel and another hurrah from the grandstands of young 'uns who admire his hair and selfie poses. Can we be even more of a vassal state for a country full of people with opinions and no knowledge, whether from the left or right? Er, neocon Dems or Barnum and Bailey Elephants, I mean.

On topic, Suzuki being interviewed by boiled-egg man and well past sell-by-date Mansbridge, claims to have had a face-to-face argument with Trudeau Lite over the pipeline issue, wherein Trudeau said silly, nasty things about Suzuki after his false arguments were highlighted. Suzuki claims to have then called JT a twerp. I can understand that sentiment. At my age of seven decades, I have zero time for mere grasping forty-somethings trying to tell me I'm wrong, especially on a subject that is my area of expertise but hardly their forte except in their Overpuft minds. Or is that Staypuft? Never can tell with marshmallow. Trump'll have his balls for bookends five minutes into the meeting tomorrow.

Which isn't great for us.


BTW, I refuse to log into Google to post as myself. Only did it once to get free email and then got annoying emails asking if x, y and z were my pals. Discovered I have to log out. Did and never returned. Being watched over for my every utterance is not something I appreciate. If you want to get rid of anonymouses, then there are other commenting templates that require email addresses. If they don't work, then bin the comment you object to.