Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hey, Sal. This One's For You.

For our friend, the Salamander. Here's your namesake, the biggest of them all.


John's Aghast said...

Does that infer that he'll be around for another 20 -30 years? I much preferred the adjoining article on seals having sex with penguins. No word yet on penguins having sex with seals?

the salamander said...

.. truly honoured..! Merci Beaucoup.. !
Thrilled to hear my distant cousins stalk the rivers of Japan !
.. we're all it seems, in excess of 6 feet in length
fully amphibious.. and able to come from fire

Of course I hope to be busy on this planet
in 30 to 40 years.. but in the meantime..
why I plan to promote & plant milkweek
defend the wild salmon, the birds and the bees
our ecologies, environment, various habitat
and kick ass of fools who would trash the same

The salamanders have spoken..!