Wednesday, February 01, 2017

So Much For the Bad Old Days

It's like Harper never left. As of February 1 anyone who gets some crappy, work at home, government research/clerical contract has to submit to being fingerprinted. No fingeeprintees, no giant paycheque.

This Clown Car of a government can't figure out how to pay its employees but it wants their fingerprints on record while it works out the pay thing.


Pamela Mac Neil said...

I did not know about this Mound. Thx for posting. I see this government every bit as controlling as Harper and government. I know I keep mentioning it, but I think its important. Trudeau and his flock of sheep will not do any serious amendments to Bill C-51. They will keep it intact for their own use.

The Mound of Sound said...

Sadly, Pamela, we're now seeing in Trudeau a pattern and it's far from what Canadians expected.

We're going down the same road that brought Trump to Washington. Trudeau should be scrambling to reinforce our democracy, strengthen our social cohesion, bolster our rights and freedoms. I believe he would undermine his father's Charter if he had the chance. Once again, as happened during Harper's reign, I find myself having to look to the Supreme Court of Canada and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to uphold democracy in Canada.

Andrew Coyne is right. It's not Trudeau's fault that he breaks one solemn promise after another. It's our fault for believing him in the first place.

Scott D said...

Thats what a normal person would do. Politicians are in Hollywood for ugly people. Fame and fortune foracting the part. Been watching since Mulroney. The public was robbed with privatization(Mulroney,Thatcher,Mulroney started that horseshit).Is any taxpayer asset that was sold off cheaper, better, and more competitive? Now corporations are protected and the people regulated. Our present system has become corrupt and obsolete for the people