Monday, February 20, 2017

Congratulations, Donald. One Month and Counting.

Dear Donnie:

It hardly seems like you were sworn into office a month ago. Hard to believe. It seems like so much longer.

Who can forget your predecessor, Barack "No Drama" Obama? Boy you sure have made him look good, no great, very, very great.

I hope you've learned a lot from your first month. But you could use a style point or two. There's nothing that says "presidential" less than a whiny bitch. That's what you've become, Don, a non-stop, relentless, whiny bitch. We get it. You're insecure. Totally insecure. You might be the most insecure president ever. No one does insecure better than you. No one. You are the whiniest bitch to ever get the keys to 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue.

America's rivals and her adversaries are watching you 24/7. They're busy unpacking your insecurities, your flaming narcissism, your cloying need for unearned adulation. They've done their homework on the Trump you claim to be versus the Trump you are. They know why you can never quite exit the warm womb of delusion that manifests in your inability to separate reality from fantasy.

They're going to test you, Donald. They're going to test America. That's what these occasions invite, even demand. They're going to test you in ways that play on your vulnerabilities - your insecurity, your narcissism, your general ignorance and your indifference to reality versus fantasy. There's a lot to play with there - it's yuuuuge.

They probably won't provoke you militarily. There's no need. The Deep State is already moving on you. They might give them a nudge, some more pressing, urgent reason to take you down. How about egging you into some full blown constitutional crisis? The impeachment option or the 25th Amendment removal power?

You've had a month but all you've shown is how pitifully weak you are at your core, behind the bluster. At 70 years old that's not something you grow out of. You're toast.


Owen Gray said...

It will be interesting to see how long it will take Americans to arrive at the same conclusion, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

There are plenty who see in Trump a new Hitler or Mussolini, Owen, but not me. I've got him pegged as America's very own iteration of Robert Mugabe intent on creating a United States of Zimbabwe.

the salamander said...

.. its the deceits that will bog Trump et al down in the long run..
The Trump et al idiocy and faux evangelicalism..
just the dressing inside the toxic turkey

But the denial of Russian connection.. aint hideable
All aspects of the complex business relationships are emerging
Oh.. Felix Saron? Who?
Its not always about who owns your gambling markers
Its often about who knows about them..

And in my belief.. Trump is so over-leverage
its hysterical & historical all a'twonce ..
Trump is 'owned' ..

Trump is also burned.. there is no return
Brand, business, politics, social ?
.. radioactive & bad medicine..
.. poison ..
in other words, dead meat..
somebodies meat ..
dead man walking ..

Anonymous said...
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Dana said...

On that note:

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, Dana, no one can say I didn't nail that one. The timing was perfect.