Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Trump's New Judge Calls President's Remarks "Demoralizing" and "Disheartening."

America's new supreme court justice, Neil Gorsuch, has criticized Trump's attack on the independence of the judiciary as "demoralizing" and "disheartening."

Justice Gorsuch did, however, stop just short of calling Trump a total asshole.


Anonymous said...

I think you jumped the gun a bit. Gorsuch won't be America's new supreme court justice until he's confirmed by the Senate. For that to happen, he'll need at least 8 Senate Democrats to vote for him to avoid a filibuster. I think his comments should be viewed in that context.


Anonymous said...

As Canadians we have , perhaps, a new outlet for our humor?

The Trump regime cannot be compared with anything we ,of a certain age, have ever experienced.
We are in a new era; like it or not.
Chaos theory rules!
What is that theory about a butterflies wings tipping the hurricane?


The Mound of Sound said...

I was jumping the gun, Cap, although I figured that if Sessions could get confirmed for AG there was zero chance Gorsuch wouldn't be confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Mound, Sessions didn't need to peel off any Democrats to get confirmed, see e.g. DeVos, Betsy.

Gorsuch can count on the support of DINO Joe Manchin who voted for the neo-Confederate AG Sessions. The question is whether 7 other Dems will cave. After the way the GOP treated Garland, the Dems should vote No. But then, during the Bush years this was the party that raised appeasement to a fine art.