Friday, February 03, 2017

Howard Stern Dishes on His Pal, Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Howard Stern knows Donald Trump. The Great Orange Bloat was a frequent guest on Stern's radio talk show. Stern's take? Trump's mental health is at risk.

NSFW - lots of swearing, lots.


Anonymous said...
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The Mound of Sound said...

Some accusations are richly deserved, Anonymouse. BTW, people who skulk around anonymously don't get to call others "idiots." So, piss off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mound, did you see the story about the former PM of Norway being interrogated on entry to the US because he had Iranian stamps in his passport? The guy was on his way to the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. If the US border guards are now grilling a Christian, Aryan descendant of Vikings travelling on a diplomatic passport, imagine what they're doing to travellers from the Middle East and Africa!


Dana said...

The Mound of Sound said...

Trump and his cronies aren't just arrogant, they're incompetent. Hell, they're barking mad. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump begins taking ever longer leaves of absence from the White House. Howard Stern is right. He can't handle the job. He has neither the intellectual nor the emotional stamina to serve as president. This is not going to get easier for him as it takes a mounting toll on him mentally.

Anonymous said...

From Dana's link:

Experts are also concerned with the potential criteria that the order suggests should be included in a uniform standard. It suggests a “process to evaluate the applicant’s likelihood of becoming a positively contributing member of society and the applicant’s ability to make contributions to the national interest,” wording that lawyers said was impossible to decipher. “What does that mean?” asked a Democratic aide. “Who is a positively contributing member of society?”

Silly Dims, it's obvious what it means:
- "Ma'am, where will you be staying while in Washington?"
- "At the Trump International, of course."
- "That's fine, you're free to go, enjoy your stay."

- "Next... Sir, where will you be staying while in Washington?"
- "At the JW Marriott."
- "Sir, please accompany me for extreme vetting."


Anonymous said...

US Immigration Officer:
"Do you always wear your collar outside your sweater like that?"

"Yeah, usually."

"Please wait for for my supervisor"

I'm just going to stay away from the United States of Assholery for the indefinite future. The place is crazy and is only going to get more so.